Who is/are a musical artist or group that you feel has created a “new” sound?

Obviously there are artists/groups who can be distinctive, in the sense that you immediately recognize them by their voice. Like when Jay-Z is rapping, you know it’s Jay-Z, and while I do consider him one of the greats of his genre, I don’t necessarily think he changed the rap game or brought a fresh new spin on it, he was just good at doing something already established. So that’s not what I mean.

What I mean is more that they overall have a “sound” that kind of either changed the direction of their genre, they stood alone in their genre, or they just created an entire new genre/sub-genre. These don’t even need to necessarily be your favorites, but just someone who you’re like “there was nobody like them before, and at best, they were only later imitated, or if the later stuff from imitators was great, you had to attribute it to the original’s influence.”

My two examples to start...

The Beach Boys created “The California Sound.” You younger folks, give this shit a shot, I know it’s a billion years old, but this is some of the first music I ever heard, and it was already out for 20 years even back then. You guys in your teens and 20s, this is like Michael Jackson or Madonna to you when you were in kindergarten, it’s old for me too, even though I’m sure I’m a dinosaur in your eyes😂 But this stuff is incredible. Listen to this and tell me you don’t want to bum around Southern California in the mid-60s and live the surfer life, hahaI saw Brian Wilson (the guy singing lead) two years ago, he’s all jacked up in his old age, can’t really sing anymore, but it was so legendary just to see him. He said Surfer Girl was the first song he ever wrote. At 18 years old. For my money, that’s one of the best slow jams of all time, and this dude turned it out on his first try. Just unreal.

My other is Bone Thugs N Harmony. Name me a group like them before or since. I’ll wait...Ok, who do you have for me? Links to top songs appreciated and encouraged!
Who is/are a musical artist or group that you feel has created a “new” sound?
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