How clever are you?

I posted the following post in whisper and no one ever figured it out, is anyone here any smarter? If so I would hope you wouldn't spoil the experiment for others.

Raf os tuo ti dereugif evah elpoep owt ylno sraey ytriht ni ecnis sresu xobx dna sreyalp Enilno tysm, Retniwreven neht rethgirb er'uoy swohs siht. Revelc drow eht htiw dnopser ot eerf leef siht evols od uoy fi dias taht. Esaelp stnih on os, nwo rieht no tuo siht erugif dna yrt ot elpoep tnaw i.
3 mo
Either only 10 people checked this out and replied or only 10 people figured this out, as least if I go by the number of replies.
How clever are you?
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