What do these song lyrics mean or indicate?

This is the song: Here the song lyrics seem a bit contradictive to what one would expect (or maybe that's just me). Let me explain for a bit.
so first the man is providing a lavish and sweet life for his girl as the lyrics say:

Life's sweet, baby, iced out, baby
You just go get ready, we go out, baby
Long time lookin' for the bounce, yeah
OZ had the bounce, yeah
Come with me, leave all of your things, yeah
We can stop at Gucci, stop at Louis V, yeah
Come with me, fly you out to Greece
Full speed, survoler Paris

sounds pretty sweet right? She should just get ready and then go out with him and he'll fly with her to Greece and stop by Gucci and Louis V so she can pick up some new red bottoms or whatever she needs and wants he'll get it for her but at the end of the song it takes a turn to the unexpected:

Never fallin', why you makin' problems?
I've been silent, why you makin' problems?
I'm a problem, bein' rich is not my fault
You decide who you think the shit reside with
I been quiet, hard to miss me when I'm flyin'
Gone out to Caicos, she can stay in my room
She can stay in my room, and it ain't my
I was tryna play it right
I was tryna treat you nice
Funny how I had to stop
See me when I'm outside
We ain't have a problem
Then you went and found one
How you gonna get a bag?
She can't help but get attached
See me when you're outside
See me on the Southside
I could tell you're sick inside
'Cause she just wanna love me
She don't wanna leave me
She just wanna love me
She don't wanna leave me

so now she fights. i don't understand. She got everything she wanted and asked for and makes problems out of nowhere. What happened there? It feels like one part of the story is missing (possibly intentionally) but what's the lesson there?
or is it as simple as "that rapper just picked up the wrong girl. A crazy one that is"?
What do these song lyrics mean or indicate?
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