Is this the most powerful thief class in video games?

The Lords of Magic "Fairy Thief Lord" is awesome.

1) It moves faster than an Unicorn or pegasus and flies.
2) It can cloak a party of up to 30 unit at character level 12, although you get a 2 level penalty when cloaking an Air Giant Warrior and a 1 level penalty when cloaking a horse.
3) It can capture enemy heroes for ransom.
4) You can steal all your opponents money from their city (ies).
5) With ranged attack, you can micro-manage and kill an entire platoon of enemy melee units by itself.

Compared to that, the AD&D thief is pretty weak, in my opinion.

This is from "Lords of Magic" an older game that has turn based strategy and real time strategy mixed into one game.
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Forgot to mention, a level 12 hero can train level 10 heroes and a level 10 hero can train level 8 heroes and level 5 veteran non-hero units. So it's important to level your Lord, you can't just hide him in your base all the time. A level 7 hero has approximately twice the stats of a level 1 hero, and a level 5 non-hero has about twice the stats of a level 1.
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Sierra, the company that made LoM, no longer exists. Their technology is owned by Activaision, Blizzard Entertainment's parent company. I wish Blizzard would make a sequel to LoM, it would be awesome to have a sequel to this epic game, with modern technology and a full map pool and stuff..
Is this the most powerful thief class in video games?
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