Was this rude or what?

So I was watching this James Spader interview on The View and one of the hosts, Joy, was being unbelievably rude! I can post the link but for those who don't want to watch it, I'll tell you some things she did.

They brought up the anniversary for one of his movies, I think it was Sex lies and videotape, and he said it was also the anniversary (birthday) of the birth of his first son. He was obviously more proud of that than the movie, and all Joy said was "yeahhh... I wouldn't talk about those two things in the same context... whatever." or pretty much along the lines of that.
She was very awkward an rude throughout the whole interview.

Then when he was talking about Halloween and how he used to trick or treat as a kid on a boarding school campus bc it was a safe nice environment, all she said was"I don't like that, they have a bunch of weirdos there" and she never laughs or smiles, she just stares at him like a bitch. And he's so freaking nice!Start at 1:40 if you want
Joy's a bitch
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Was this rude or what?
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