Would you give me constructive criticism for my poetry over the last year?

Here’s a few of my poems for this year, I would appreciate some feedback 😬

I cannot breath,
I cannot leave.
I am drowning in despair,
But refuse to breathe the air.
I see the sun begin to rise,
Yet choose the darkness as my guise.
Though hope begs to ensnare,
Before darkness I lay bare.
I fear this choice to wallow
Has become too much to swallow.

Mom and Dad, I truly do love you
But most days I just feel so blue.
Mom and Dad, you’re my hero,
But you can’t save me from this foe.
Mom and Dad, I loathe to see you cry
But I just wish I had the strength to die.
Mom and Dad, I love you
No matter what, that is true

I am always longing for what’s new.
An adventure, a friend, the bluest blue.
I am always starving for more:
Depth, intensity, a divergence from the bore.
I only truly have one desire,
To feel alive and filled with fire.
I want to be consumed by rage,
For I am loathe to disengage.
I want to be frozen by my fear,
To seize from agony and tears.
I want to be desperate for your love,
My throat squeezed by your glove.
I want to give you my everything,
And I demand but one thing...
Don’t let me be just a fling.

Freedom’s promises ring from her siren song,
Euphoric & enchanting, nothing can be wrong.
Blissfully bound, I envelop myself in her voice,
Till one day I listen through the noise
And realize I have been lavishly encaged,
A happy prisoner to her gilded rage.
21 d
It’s supposed to be
“Before agony I lay bare” sorry
Would you give me constructive criticism for my poetry over the last year?
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