Call Of Duty players... how can I suck less?

I’m playing XBox360 Modern Warfare 4 multiplayer and this is legitimately the hardest video game I have ever played in my life. I’m getting worked.

My main problems:

-It is ATROCIOUSLY hard to aim in this game. I did the in-game training for single player, and I thought it said your gun would automatically lock on the closest target if you were generally aimed at the area. I do that in multiplayer and it doesn’t seem to work. Am I missing something? I watch the kill cams of my deaths and the guys line me up with almost no effort and stay trained on me with no problem. I ask because it doesn’t even seem like skill and experience, it’s like they know how to do something basic but crucial, and I don’t.

- I try to aim manually, and that doesn’t work well either. I don’t really have the thumbs to finesse that small of a range of motion of a video game thumbstick , it’s either all the way left or all the way right, all the way up or all the way down. So all I can do is spray side to side and hope I hit the guy. And again, these other guys are just blowing me away like they know something I don’t.

- How the hell do you see people? My eyes work just fine but half the time I don’t even see people until they’ve opened fire at me. I always seem to be the guy getting snuck up on, yet I never really find myself behind someone unsuspecting. It’s like everyone has radar but me lmao.

I don’t know, I want to like this game but it sucks just getting absolutely demolished every single time, like 2 kills-18 deaths and whatnot. Takes a lot of the fun out of it. I understand trying to play and get better but the same shit happened when I played MW2 like ten years ago. I played til the cows came home but never improved, so it’s not something that gets solved by experience. Am I just hopeless at first person shooter games? I’m fine with being bad and working my way up but it just never seems to happen, so there’s gotta be something I’m just missing here. Any ideas from the GAG gamers?
Call Of Duty players... how can I suck less?
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