Was this rude of him?

So.. James Spader and his girlfriend were eating, minding their own business when Jimmy Fallon saw him in the same restaurant and decided to go bother them while they ate, because you know, he's Jimmy Fallon.
So James talked with him for a while then left and told the waiter, without Jimmy knowing, that Jimmy was paying for him and his girlfriend's meal.
The meal was really expensive as it was a nice sushi place and as he walked out he saluted Jimmy and then Jimmy found out (Obviously) what he did. Was it rude? Literally a true story, they talked about it in an interview.
Was this rude of him?
Was this rude of him?
Yes that was rude
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Was this rude of him?
Jimmy shouldn't have bothered him, that was funny af
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Rude but funny
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Was this rude of him?
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