What constitutes as a celebrity now?

Remember the days before google when another person mentioned a celebrity and you just knew who they were? And in the instances when you weren't familiar with the celebrity mentioned the person would name some of the celebrity's work and then you would say "oh yeah, they were in..." then comment if they were good in it or not or how you heard them on this other thing, or how you hadn't seen any of their movies but saw a trailer they were in, or happen to catch a story about them the other week on TRL or ET etc. Remember that?

I ask because I'm trying to find out if that was actually a thing, if it's actually true, or am I just making this all up. Because it seems like at least once a week I'm told about some celebrity that I have never heard of and people give me this where have you been look, when I say "oh okay what do they do", and they can't tell me about any of their work.

Is not knowing who someone like Addison Rae is mean I've been under a rock or are there just too many famous people now?
What constitutes as a celebrity now?
What constitutes as a celebrity now?
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