Do You Think "God" Isn't Here For You?

(There Are So Many Out There, That Need So Much Help, Making It Through)

Here are Three Movies. I think everyone should watch.
*Fireproof. *A Diary Of A Mad Black Woman. *FlyWheel.

Here are some songs. Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me. Brooks And Dunn - Believe. Chris Young - The Man I Want To Be. Madonna - Live To Tell. Madonna - This Used To Be My Playground. Toni Braxton - Un-break My Heart.

Here are some Music Videos.
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Ok, It had took me about 4 hours to make this post. I have no idea what happened to my first video.
2 mo
Ok, now I know why... it wasn't meant to be up in that post... that last video, I put up in update. Sure it hurts to regret something you wanted to say and didn't get to in time. . but... it hurts way worse, when someone is gone.
Do You Think "God" Isn't Here For You?
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