Hulk isn't as powerful as Storm, much less Sebastian Shaw. What do you think?

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Hulk hammer-throwing an 80 tons tank about a mile is 600 megajoules.
Sebastian Shaw absorbing a nuclear reactor is 500 megajoules per second.

Magneto levitating a 35,000 tons submarine by 15 meters is 5 GIGAJOULES.
Sebastian Shaw absorbing Magneto's full power attacks is 5 GIGAJOULES per attack. So Sebastian Shaw's defense is 9 times as great as Hulk's Offense, according to scaling movie feats anyway.

Storm creating 100mph EF1 tornadoes to distract pilots in the first X-Men movie is 2.35 GIGAJOULES of Integrated Kinetic Energy per tornado, for the lowest mile of the tornado's height, assuming they are 50 meters diameter... and she must have created 10 or 15 tornados all together.

What's going on here? So why does Hulk beat Sebastian Shaw in the comics? The answer lies in the fact the Authors are not scientists and don't understand how their own Feats scale according to scientific methods of calculations. If you go by Feats, Movie Sebastian Shaw stomps composite Hulk (Excluding World War Hulk, which is considered a ridiculous outlier and not admissible to a vs debate).

Final Comparison, Rogue absorbing Thor's life force and the other Avengers in her first introduction in the X-men comics, is at LEAST 10 Gigawatts of life absorbing power. in one alternate time line, Rogue has totally absorbed and killed Thor and gained his powers permanently, and she has totlaly absorbed and killed Hulk. This is "canon" but it's not "Earth 616 canon".

So I maintain Composite Sebastian Shaw demolishes Composite Hulk, and if the Authors want Hulk to beat X-Men in the comics, give him quantifiable feats that show he should beat them, but comic Hulk doesn't have any feats as powerful as Magneto or Sebastian Shaw in the movies.
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In comparison, middle tier Wheel of Time characters would smoke pretty much any Marvel or DC character, and upper tier WoT characters, such as Rand al'Thor, Ba'alzamon, or Nynaeve, could pretty much solo the combined X-Men and Brotherhood mutants together, and even solo all of them plus Apocalypse together.
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To give you an idea of how over-rated Hulk is in fiction, Rand's durability (when he is not caught totally off guard) is so high that every inch of his body can withstand the weight of an entire mountain crushing on him and he can instinctively resist Soul Steal and Dimension Banish and Mass Drowning attacks. If Rand hit Hulk with a hair's width of Balefire, it would totally erase Hulk from the timeline, and Rand is capable of generating multi-meter beams of Balefire.
Hulk isn't as powerful as Storm, much less Sebastian Shaw. What do you think?
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