Which Mental Power would you rather have?

You are able to influence the minds of others even over planetargy distances and temporarily mind control animals too.

You can part water and move mountains just by believing it to be true.

Luke's Mind Trick
You can use "Affect Mind" on up to 20 Heroic Difficulty targets simultaneously. You can command a person to "Sleep" and they will pass out. You can command them to break strict orders from their boss/superior officer and they will obey. You also have Luke's Projective and Receptive Telepathy, which function over distances of "Several Light Years".

You can heal the sick and empower your mind to think more clearly using the "Flame and Void" concentration technique, and you can open dimensional portals anywhere on the planet. You are also able to physically enter the Dream World.

Dark Archon
You can use Permanent Mind Control on a single target, or Confuse an entire platoon of soldiers simultaneously so that they will attack one another.
Heart (Captain Planet)
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Faith (King James Bible)
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Luke's Jedi Mind Trick (Star Wars)
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Spirit (The Wheel of Time)
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Dark Archon (Starcraft)
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Which Mental Power would you rather have?
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