Which Fictional TCG Card would you rather have 2.0?

Paragon of Gathering Mist SS
Spirit Unit - Knight - D (Double Rare)
First Strike.
SS: Exile Paragon of Gathering Mist, then return it to the Battlefield immediately.
"She bends reality to her will." - Expert Tactician.

Forbidden Ancients 2BB
Body Unit - Elephant - R
Last Strike
"First, they mourn their dead. Then they attack. Then you mourn your dead." - Ninja Scout.

Ninja Guardian 1MM
Mind Unit - Ninja - R
1M, E: Prevent all damage that would be dealt by target Unit this turn.
"I don't suppose you've ever met a Tenth Degree Black Belt?" - The Grandmaster

Transfiguration 0
Spirit Disrupt Exiled - C
As an additional cost to deploy Transfiguration, Forfeit a non-token unit.
Create a 4/4/1 Saint Unit Token with Air.
"Becoming an Ascended Master is harder than it looks." - Wise Saying.

Giant Zombie B
Body Unit - Zombie - U
As an additional cost to deploy Giant Zombie, pay 3 life.
"One to the heart and one to the head: Make sure they're dead!" - Old Rhyme.

Nuclear Strike MMM
Mind Effect Lost - R
Destroy target permanent. Nuclear Strike deals 1 damage to each opponent and each enemy unit. This damage can't be prevented.
"Bathes all enemies in piercing nuclear flame." - Inscription

Protect Ring 1
Tool - C
E: Prevent the next 1 damage that would be dealt to target Unit or Player, or Protect Ring covers 1 lost life to a cost or penalty. Play this ability as an Energy Source.
"First, cut off their hand: Easy enough!" - Mislead Recruit.
Paragon of Gathering Mist
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Forbidden Ancients
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Ninja Guardian
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Giant Zombie
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Nuclear Strike
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Protect Ring
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Which Fictional TCG Card would you rather have 2.0?
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