What do you all think of this Folk Song 🎵 🎶🎵from the 60s {“Remember Me” _____Phil Ochs} ?

I am Referring more so to lyrics than melody. The style is a bit monotonous but in my opinion it gives you space to really hear the poetry.

My great-grandmother taught philosophy & musicology in university , I don't know if it was called musicology exactly. I was 6 I don't know if I asked her the technical term for her courses. I just knew she did it. In retrospect I’m guessing it was “musicology” based on how she put things together.

At home, She mostly taught me classical music. We play songs for neighbors & my great-Great father before he passed. She also had a wide array of folk singers she admired. Ironically I was fascinated by the English speaking ones bc it sounded exotic 😛😂 well it’s funny now bc I’ve been speaking English for most of my life, I guess it’s not funny in itself bc I wasn’t speaking English then. Not much maybe a bit. Well basically I spoke folk song English 🤓

Anyhow, this was one of my most favorite songs. Recently I myself listening on repeat whilst hiking. I am getting more out of it then I used to- as you do 😌

So this great grandmother was on my fathers side. His great grandfather her husband, had parents from Poland but his younger Brother was born in Canada (maybe also great-grandfather was. I’m not sure I don’t think so 🤔

His younger brother was killed when bullet pierced his temple in Italy, fighting Nazis in world war 2... He was dismissed on compassionate leave bc my great-great grandmother requested it as her husband had already died. My great grandfather wanted to continue on more than ever but of course went to his Mother’s side.

I listened to this song when I could though that was rather seldom as We never listened to this song in my great grandfathers presence bc it made him tear up... That had a profoundly sobering impact on me and made it special in its secrecy.

Now in some ways it makes me sad remembering them to me whom I ✊ & 💕💕💕 very much but once I adjust I really just listen to it to see what I can hear.
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“... Have pity on the man who put a bullet through my brain
And show me that I didn't die in vain.

... When the Fascists started marching many millions had to pay;
We saw them rise to power but we looked the other way.
It happened once before and it can happen once again--
Will you show me that I didn't die in vain.

Remember me, when the crosses are a burnin',
Remember me, when the racists come around.
Remember me, when the tides of peace are turning
Remember me and please don’t let me down.”
What do you all think of this Folk Song 🎵 🎶🎵from the 60s {“Remember Me” _____Phil Ochs} ?
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