Physical Copies, or Digital Copies?

Movies, books, music etc.

So this is a question I’ve been thinking about for a while. I prefer to have physical copies of my games, books, movies, and records, because you can pick them up and touch them, lend them out, sell them, and my biggest reason of all, is kind of use them as display pieces. I think having a bookshelf full of books, a cabinet full of DVDs and whatnot will give houseguests another way of seeing you, and your personality and interests. (Especially a good thing if you have a potential partner over.)

On the other hand, my Brother-in-Law prefers Digital downloads and streaming. Sure it definitely saves storage space and is better than bringing a laptop and a few DVDs to watch on a road trip, but it feels more impersonal to me. You don’t completely own them, unless like you have them actually installed on the device, but I think most people will use services Like Vudu, Google Play, Itunes, or others like Netflix or Hulu where you really don’t own anything at all, and in either case, kind of screwed when you don’t have working internet or data. I was especially reminded of this when we recently had a snowstorm that caused a power outage and also messed with our ISP’s nearby tower, so after the power came back on I was at least able to play my offline games on my Xbox, while my mother couldn’t watch TV on the Living room TV because we use YoutubeTV, and although the power was back on, our Wifi was out for hours afterwards and so no signing in or streaming could be done. At this point, one could pop in a physical DVD in the PS4, but she’s not very game controller-inclined. That’s not the point though, just that it could be done! At least the data on the phones were still working so she still had something to keep her occupied. Though it could have been avoided with having data, but we don’t have YouTubeTV on phones and she doesn’t have Vudu on hers.

So, what are your preferences?
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Physical Copies, or Digital Copies?
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