Girls, What Do You Think of My Idea For A Mystical Talisman?

The names mentioned are just the names of fictional characters I've created. Here's a rundown of their personas as well as backstories.

Master Ming Houng: A ghetto slang-speaking, fun-loving and playful 1,500-year-old master sorceress. She is also the creator of "The Eternal Soul" talisman, a talisman granting the wearer immortality, accelerated healing, disease immunity, and superstrength. She along with all of the women in her family are immortal thanks to a mutated gene known as "The Eternal Gene". Though fairly naive and overly caring for her own good, Ming can be quite wise and even clever when she so chooses to be. She has a very large tongue that she cherishes more than life itself.

Excel: A misanthropic and surly yet highly empathetic anti-hero vigilante. Excel was injected with the "The Hypertrophy Excel Serum" after receiving fatal injuries from a gang robbery he managed to stop. As a result, he gained a series of enhanced abilities including enhanced intellect, enhanced strength, enhanced speed/reflexes, enhanced toughness, enhanced lifespan, accelerated regenerative healing, and enhanced senses. Excel suffers from many insecurities and uses dry wit sarcasm to mask his pain.
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Wong Su The Immortal: An aging former martial arts master with an "I vs. Them" mentality. Wong has a superiority complex and sees himself as being above all others, especially the elderly which is quite ironic given his old age. Because he has lived a life of heavy cigar smoking and bursting bladdered sex (a kink of his), he has developed both lung cancer and a severe UTI. Wong's ultimate goal is to steal The Eternal Soul talisman and gain immortality.

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Girls, What Do You Think of My Idea For A Mystical Talisman?
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