Thoughts on VHS tapes and players?

I remember as a kid, my aunt would pull out VHS Disney movies such as Peter Pan, Cinderella and there were more, I can't remember. The rest of the princess movies: The Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and more of Disney are DVDs. My aunt has bought me a Cinderella CD, along with Cinderella 1&2.
My aunt also has this Alice in Wonderland animated movie. I actually liked it. It was old and some of the sounds can give you a darn headache.
Then I have two of Mary-Kate and Ashly Olsen's videos when they were younger, their First Video and a spy video that I didn't fancy much. After finding out about YouTube at a young age, I'll watch Mary-Kate and Ashly Olsen's videos when they were younger. My personal favorite is their First Video.
Weeks ago, I was watching Avengers: Civil War and Age of Ultron and the girl who play Scarlett Witch had this resemblance of Mary-Kate and Ashly Olsen and turns out, they are siblings so no wonder.

Anyway, my aunt has a VHS player that supports DVDs as well. Blu-rays... Nah.

I really do miss the VHS era. I'll ask my aunt if she would like to sell her VHS tapes and get some of them in DVDs. I want Mary-Kate and Ashly Olsen's First Video converted in a DVD or buy a DVD version if they have it. My aunt has a full day of her oldest daughter's birthday from... Either 1990s. My cousin's 30 something now. I believe she was a teenager when her birthday was recorded. When they told me it costed money to pay for a cameraman😂
Now, everything seems like it's going too fast. Though, born in 04, the VHS era is just nostalgia. I grew up watching on VHS players. From Barney to Teletubbies.
Sweet, sweet nostalgia.
Thoughts on VHS tapes and players?
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