Which Fictional MTG card would you rather have?

Shield of Faith 2WW
Enchantment - R
When Shield of Faith enters the Battlefield, choose a color or you may choose "Colorless" instead.
As long as Shield of Faith remains on the Battlefield, spells of the chosen color can't be played.

Finalize B
Enchantment - R
When a card would be put into a Graveyard from anywhere, Permanently Exile that card instead. That card can't be returned to the game by any other spell or ability.

Divine Counsel 2W
Sorcery - R
Search through all cards you own for a single card, and put it into your hand. If you searched your library, shuffle your Library afterwards. If you chose a card not already in the game, remove that card from your deck before playing the next game.

Great Serpent G
Creature - Snake - R
T: Tap target land. It doesn't Untap during its controller's next Untap step.

Phoenix Cloak 1RR
Enchantment - Aura - R
Enchant Creature.
Enchanted Creature gains +2/+1 and Flying.
When Enchanted Creature is destroyed or Exiled, return it to the Battlefield.
3RR: If Phoenix Cloak is in your Graveyard, return it to the Battlefield Enchanting Target Creature.

Extract Water Elemental XUU
Sorcery - R
Exile target Creature with converted mana cost X. Create an X/X Blue Elemental Creature Token.

Shadow Hounds 1B
Creature - Dogs - R
Discard a card: Target Creature gains -1/-1 until end of turn.

I have attempted to make all of these five-star cards, because I don't believe the developer should make any "Crap rares/unplayable cards" and then sell them to you. lol.
Shield of Faith
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Divine Counsel
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Great Serpent
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Phoenix Cloak
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Extract Water Elemental
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Shadow Hound
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Which Fictional MTG card would you rather have?
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