Has anyone watched the Indian movie Padmavat?

It's the first ever Indian movie I've watched.
I am still in awe of the beautiful movie, it is about a Princess who had to sacrifice her life to save herself from falling in to the hands of an evil ruler who lusted after her.
I'm so many years late to watch this movie as it was released some years ago.
I really loved the strong character of the female lead.
Dance called Goomar is so wonderful that I watched it more than 10 times lol.
And there's a specific line which they use at the end of the movie which gave me goosebumps : "jai bavani"(sorry if the spelling is wrong), it translated to "Hail the Goddess" in the movie (what a strong bunch of women).
I'm honestly enchanted with the Hindu culture that I've started to research about Hinduism, and I hope I'll be able to visit India someday.
I hope the ones who have not watched this movie can watch this movie as it says a lot about Indian/Hindu culture and the sacrifices that women underwent to save their dignity and how they chose death over dishonor.
Has anyone watched the Indian movie Padmavat?
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