Why must we gatekeep women from Heavy Metal?

Yeah yeah I get it. You see me at a Meshuggah show and you think I should be down the street at the half empty Katy Perry show. But no, I'm not here with a metalhead boyfriend. I'm not here on a dare. I like metal.

Some of my girlfriends have this problem as well. We're always quizzed on what we listen to so these triggered guys can check if we like "real metal." And no matter what we say we're considered fake fans.

Why wouldn't you be excited that more types of people are excited about the music you love? Why would you actively try to tell someone they don't get it or that they're fake fans? The fuck?
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Just for those who are curious, here's my 5 go-to bands: Haken, Rainbow, Opeth, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden
Why must we gatekeep women from Heavy Metal?
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