How would you handle a dispute with a neighbor?

The only video where the uncensored version of this event is available is on Active Self Protection but due to it being marked as disturbing, I can't copy the link to the video, but it is on crazy shit. It doesn't have the preceeding argument where the man who would soon be the killer called the husband a "scummy motherfucker" for scooping snow onto his property and the response is predictable based on how they're talking to eachother at the point where this video starts. It's sad to see this happen and there were so many areas where it didn't have to escalate. What I would've done if I was the husband is apologize and take the snow scooped onto his property and just make a pile of it on my lawn. If I was the soon to be shooter, I would've asked them to stop putting it on my property rather than hauling profanity and insults their way. However it's quite clear that a feud between them has been going on for a long time as I find it unlikely that all of this happened just over scooping snow onto his property. How would you handle a neighbor dispute?
How would you handle a dispute with a neighbor?
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