What do you guys think about the esoteric side of Norse Myths?

Some people think of these myths as silly stories for children but that is due to ignorance. Much like myths and fables in other cultures, including Christianity, Hinduism and others, these myths contain deep psychological and spiritual truths as understood by the people of the time and area.

From the Voluspa, Lee M Hollander version

52. Another woe awaiteth Hlín (Frigg/Freyja and her servants/Valkyries),76
when forth goes Óthin (Spirit) to fight the Wolf (Fenris=swamp dweller/our lower/subconscious nature/greed),
and the slayer of Beli (Freyr/Freed one)77 to battle with Surt (black/swarthy one):
then Frigg’s husband (Odin/Spirit) will fall lifeless. 53. Strides forth Víthar (wide ruler/open mind),78 Valfather’s son (dead-father, another name for Odin in his role as father of the slain),
the fearless fighter, Fenrir (greed) to slay;
to the heart he hews the Hvethrung’s (another name for Odin/Spirit’s)79 son;
avenged is then Víthar’s father. (another name for Odin/Spirit)

So at Ragnarok Spirit (Odin) is devoured by Lower Nature (Fenris) and Open Mind (Vidar) defeats Lower Nature.

At Ragnarok Freed one (Freyr) loses his battle against Surtr (Dark/Burned one) due to sacrificing his sword that fights by itself to marry and free Gerdr (fenced in one/another of Freyja/the transcendent goddess' many titles, in this context, it's his Fylga/feminine soul). The loving/ecstatic union of Freyr and Freyja being the original metaphor for transcendence from the Neolithic group that predates the arrival of the Aesir/Proto Indo Europeans in the Bronze Age.

What do you think? Any other myths you'd like to take a closer look at?
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In the Bronze age and into the Viking Age Odin later takes on Freyr's role in later myths as he was the symbol used for the ruling Proto-Indo-European class where Freyr remained the main folk god in the countryside well into the Christian era. The central metaphor of the sacred marriage symbolizing transcendence remains, however.
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His related myth is his quest for the mead of poetry where he has to make love to Gunnlod (war call/summon), an ugly giantess locked in a cave in a parallel myth to Freyr's Gerdr. This is another name for Freyja in her role as head of the Valkyries much as Gerdr is her in her role as feminine/spiritual power locked away.
What do you guys think about the esoteric side of Norse Myths?
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