Can you help me find a book?

So I read this thing in middle school and for the life of me, can't remember the name. Only thing I recall Is a bright orange cover and it being a collection of short stories. It was about mexican folklore. It had some hand drawn pictures in it. A few stories I remember are:

1. The lady in white who drowned her kids
2. A priest who was stabbed in the head and thrown over a river, only to come back to protect his daughter.
3. A horse lady demon tricking this guy to give her a ride to town.
4. This women going to a graveyard and somehow gets a corps to take him home. Where he makes her make oatmeal with blood.
5. I think a bridge builder who tricks the devil.

Weird, I know. But I just really miss this book.
Can you help me find a book?
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