Anyone else heartbroken after watching Black Widow?

I finally watched it today since it was available on Disney plus and honestly just like endgame, I kept avoiding it because I knew I was going to end up being an emotional wreck. I have spent this whole day crying about the movie i can’t even explain it and I saw a lot of people talking about it and how emotional they were during the whole movie. It sucks that the Avengers era has ended and I honestly want to let go but Im having trouble trying to since i literally grew up watching the movies. They were my everything, my childhood. I know there are plenty of more new marvel movies coming out and also Who isn’t excited to see Deadpool’s debut in the mcu? I want to give “The Eternals” a shot but I just feel like the trailers don’t really interest me as much as the Avengers trailers would. But hey at least we’re going to have a Latina in the mcu playing a main role, FINALLY. We need more representation.
Im still heartbroken
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Anyone else heartbroken after watching Black Widow?
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