Could you handle this Halloween Attraction?

Every Halloween, they have this attraction where they close off a section of the woods and they place like 20 people out in the middle of the woods at a time. Its late at night and they have all the infamous killers chase you (examples, freddie kreuger, jason voorhees, leatherface, pinhead, IT the clown, michael myers, ghostface, etc.). Its like 30 psycho mfs ready to chase you with chainsaws. And yea they remove the blades but the shit still cranks up so fck that lmao. Now of course its neighbors and teens in costumes chasing you, but some of them play too damn much and dont stop when you scream for help. Teens and adults have loved it for years. I still refuse to go to the shit lmao. And at the end, you can only escape the woods if you enter this huge dance battle against others who entered into the attraction. Lol nahh fck that. One girl tripped and fell and everyone stepped on her. Like over 10 people walked her ass like a dog. People ruthless when theyre on the run lol. Could you handle it?
Could you handle this Halloween Attraction?
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Could you handle this Halloween Attraction?
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