How to manage inheritance money?

hi! i wish i can get comment from financial expert or wise, or even experienced money wise people.

i am currently having financial instability, my dad just passed away on September 2021. i got inheritance money of $1,400

i know its not so much, but im in confusion cause i haven't work (currently active to find job). i have to pay household bills such electricity, water, internet, and food stocks..

i have a will to monetize this money but still not sure and i want to be more careful to spend it.. i ever think to invest it, but im still aware of the risky side of it. i am interested in art but i have little connection socially.. im am introvert and still doubt to spend it for starting a business cause i guess i will need more credits.. that's why im still thinking of invest it but not sure of the percentage..

gob bless🤍
i hope i can get a helpful tips
How to manage inheritance money?
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