Books about utopias, philosophies, psychology?

I got really interested in this stuff lately, I don't want books from philosophers

basically just their ideas into a narrative, I know of Ayn Rand

Movies as well if you know any


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  • Modern philosophy? Or ancient/classic philosophy? If you are looking for classic my favorite is the allegory of the cave, then there is Nichomachean ethics by Aristotle, Thomas aquainas, bertrand Russel,l sextus empirics, I even like the marquis de sade's philosophy although it is beyond horrifying and I wouldn't reccomend it unless you are capable of being purely objective as it is...disgusting to say the least. I don't know what you are looking for though if you don't want books, sorry if that didn't help

    • I agree with most of what I've read of Sade.. =/

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    • Read them all, it really explains a lot about the darkest side of human nature.

    • Hahaha I may, but it will take some thinking I have a lot of other stuff to focus on but I will try, I lost the orinial pdf's I had. What other books do you recommend by him/ where can I get them? You can message me if you want

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  • What do you mean? You want me to explain some philosophers ideas into a narrative for you? That's gonna take a LONG TIME...

    As for films, 'Blacklisted and Without Clothes', it's about utopian oppression and it's very modern.

    • basically fiction that incorporates elements of certain philosophies in them

      I've tried reading a few books from philosophers, it was interesting but it came too technical

      if you've got an 'easier' read suggest it

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    • I read a bit of Zarathustra, it was basically saying 'God is dead' and that humans should act like 'overmen'

      I know I didn't understand some of it so I stopped reading

      I need to take baby steps I think

    • Yeah, well, the idea is that humans can become overmen at any point and become 'Beyond Good and Evil' and all of those concepts. But yeah, Niethzche might be too much for you. As I said, Orwell's book is good. It's probably the best place to start

  • Philosopher books in a narrative kind, that`s really rare.

    But I can recommend you a good book of a psychologist in a narrative kind, it is Grodeck and the name of the book is "the book from the Id". He explained very well the unconsciouness of humans.

  • You should read the "history of western philosophy" by Bertrand Russell. I'm sorry not to have movies to recommend, but movies aren't the best tools to plunge into the world of ideas.

    And in all honestly, you started with ayn rand, so now you have seen the worse, you can go for the better ;)

    • Also books by Antonio Negri, Noam Chomsky, and ancient greek or latin roman history. Very narrative, not too conceptual, and explain a lot about human nature.

  • Opening Skinner's Box: Great Psychological Experiments of the Twentieth Century by Lauren Slater


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