How much better are the Hunger Games books than the film?

And is the film all of the books combined into one or just the first book?

I enjoyed the film but I was not REALLY impressed. I think because I had already seen Battle Royale and kept thinking that Battle Royale is better.

However, a lady told me that the books are a lot better than the film. She said that she didn't enjoy the film but loved the books.

What would you say? I'm considering buying them but wanted to hear someone else's opinion first. I don't like books like Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey.

Thank you in advance!


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  • The books are awesome.. I read all three in one week!

    The second one doesn't really finish, it flows straight into the third, so if you get them make sure you get all three.

    But it's written so well, you can picture everything as it happens.. It's one of those books you can read for hours on end and not notice the time passing!

    • Thank you. What did you think of the film compared to them?

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  • The hunger games was a great book but the ending of the series was so bad id advise you not to read it

    • Haha thank you.

      By the way, if you haven't seen Battle Royale, I really recommend it.

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    • No, but I have a Japanese friend who once told me about it. It's quite interesting watching foreign films.

    • Watch grandmaster ip man

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  • The flow of battle royale is better, in my opinion. I felt the hunger games film was rushed and so you didn't get the concept of the books and left one a bit confused. The movie covered book one and a little of the beginning of the 2nd book. So on the aspect I prefer the book to the movie. But I will have to say I prefer battle royale (the book and movie) than the hunger games.

    • Thank you. I might read the battle royale book then. I just assumed it wouldn't be very good because it's translated.

      Do you think the book would be boring if you've seen the film?

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