Trying to hook up my home entertainment theater. Vizio TV says not supported when playing dvd.

I choose HDMI one after I hook up the cable in HDMI one slot with the proper cord and then I hit input and f***in thing says not supported. The TV is 3 weeks old and the home entertainment theatre was just bought. What the hell does not supported mean?
Now it says no signal. How much does someone have to pay for sh*t to work...100,000,000.00 for a home theater? F*** wallmart
I give up. I should just throw all this crap out in a dumpster.
Got it. There are a few little things I want better but I will get some new cables for that but it sounds bad ass. Blasting some jams with a bum arm :P


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  • This review page (aside from one obvious plant review) shows that you're not alone in having this problem.


    Looks like all you can do is demand a refund.

    • Blue ray DOES suck with it and hsmi never works with it. Grrrr thnx for probably the best answer

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  • What kind of home theater in a box did you buy that isn't supported? Try different output resolutions - is the TV 720p but the DVD is trying to play at 1080p?

    • I took that one back (it was an LG system and I may not of had them set the same resolutions as it was impossible to set anything with the LG home theater. I just purchased a Sony one lol. I want to be in a good mood so I have not tried setting it up yet

  • It's one of 3 things the home theater system, the tv, or the hdmi cord. Try a new cord and a different TV if you have one. Once you determine what isn't working call their customer service and get them to refund or replace it.

    • It's a brand new 55 inch smart flat screen and I can use my other TV because Fred Flinstone used to own it (no modern connections and lookin for a cheap flat screen on craigslist right now). I tried an optical, hdmi and component cord and the component cord finally worked for the dvd player but doesn't work right

    • What was the problem?

    • The TV was not hdmi compatible with LG and the player was crap. I also let me mechanic do it. I gave him a few beers and a few bucks. He is a freakin genius with electronics. I got a sony home theater on CL and it kicks ass

  • Do you have another HDMI cable you can use? That's most likely the issue. I doubt it would be a firmware issue with that error. You could try another HDMI port as well but the cable is more likely to fail.

    • I just bought the cable at walmart 20 minutes ago. The TV is 3 weeks old and I tried 3 out of the 5 ports already

    • Sometimes it will drop a signal when watching TV and if you disconnect the cable and restart the TV it will work. If you've tried several ports, it's probably the cable. Try turning the TV off and back on again.

    • Tried it man. I just don't know

  • hey man try another means of hooking it up s-video, rgb, compsite, you may have to set your componite to th resolution it maight noy do it on its own

    • I finally got it but the system I got was crap. I used composite connections and made it work. Now two of the 5 speakers don't work. I am not sure what to do thought. I will return the home theater but since I tried hdmi and it did not work I am paranoid that there is a problem with the tv. I spent too much money on this TV to just let that go. Is there a test to see if the hdmi works?

    • which surround sound do you have, most times it's in it. I have vizio they are the best in my eyes I have less problems in them than any other tv. Do you have an xbox or ps3 you could hook it up or borrow one from a friend if not. there is a 3 speaker setting on your surround sound unit too

  • how did you get it bud

    • I took back the old blue ray player and the receiver, went on craigslist, spent half on a better name brand and then kidnapped my car mechanic from down the street and now it sounds like I am in a Imax movie theater :P

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    • Indeed. It is super loud and so crisp. Sony makes a pretty good sound system

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