My Top 5 Favorite Songs From Non-English Cultures

Sometimes a song can speak to you even when you don't understand the words. Here's a list of my top 5 favorite songs that are not in...

You can't kill Hip Hop

Rap music is taking a lot of shit because there's a lot of rappers now that try to only sell a image and their music is not the...

Are you an Archer fan?

Let me begin by saying i watched the last 3 seasons in misery. Why? changes in the characters They ruined Archer's character. Although...

Why the next 007 shouldn't be female

There has recently been claims that after bond 25 in 2020 Daniel Craig will retire and black female actress Lachana lynch will become...

Movies and TV shows for Asian audiences

With how much influence radical Liberalism has in the mainstream media, it’s very difficult to find movies and TV shows with strong...

Gotta Travel On: songs about traveling and being on the road.

As you probably know, I will be taking a bus trip starting today. So in honor of the occasion, I am compiling this mytake full of travel...

Any awesome disturbing/horror movies you’ve seen lately?

I saw “The House That Jack Built” and really enjoyed it, highly recommend it to everyone, but it is indeed disturbing. I’m thinking...

Have you seen the movie Zoolander?

If you have seen it, what did you think about it? I just watched it today and it was interesting to say the least lol, it kind of falls...

Who is your favorite country singer?

I love Luke Bryan ❤️❤️❤️❤️

What was the last thing that put a smile on your face?

One of my uncles recently sent me monkey stickers in the mail with a note that said, "It's the little things that remind me of you." I...

Is Billie Elish pretty?

What do you guys think of her? Weird or ok? Beautiful or pretty? Or just cool? Let me know... maybe you think she is ugly as f... but...

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional charracter?

in an anime charracter or a game charracter or whatever I have many many times XD

So... let me get this straight Pierce Brosnan?

You mean to tell me that no one can create their own female lead character that's equivalent to James Bond thus by force make James Bond...