Moonlight (Outstanding Black Film)

This movie is so good i'm writing this review halfway into it. As A black person I love seeing Black films and art. The first time I...

15 of my favorite or notable Zombie Movies

So, earlier this evening I was trying to answer this question Favorite Zombie Movie? and found that I had so many to post.. I said...

Castlevania! It is really, really good.

I had heard about this series for a long time . I didn't think it would be all that good. I had seen a few previews and wasn't...

A Journey with Milo and Otis

Recently I was given this reply on a message "Awesome, you'll have to do a Mytake. So many people haven't heard of it (referring to Milo...

What's your favourite video about music?

Ntoe that I am asking about videos ABOUT music. These can be interviews with artists, interviews with people who don't make music...

My Most Excellent 80's Summer 2020 Mix

This time there was much less a flow and simply songs that I connected with. Some songs I am revisiting from hearing again and others I...

Naughty dogs downfall: The last of us 2 and was it really that bad?

So one of my hobbies is keeping up with the gaming community and gaming news. As you all know, naughty dog, the last of 2, and Neil...

Recommend me a show on Netflix?

Looking for something new to watch, recently I've watched Lucifer, Hannibal, and Case closed.

What’s you’re favorite heavy metal romance song?

My boyfriend loves heavy metal or anything similar and I just wanted to send him something to remind him that I love him. He suffers...

Have you tried this?

I just bought a box of popping pladtic wrap

Are these books creepy and/or gory?

I want to read the Twilight saga and the Hunger Games trilogy but I'm not sure if they're creepy or gory. Are they? And are there any...

Fave actor out of Jackie Chan or Jet Li?

I didn't ask Bruce Lee assuming most wouldve picked him. I haven't watched Rush Hour’s series or Romeo Must Die/Cradle to the Grave in...

Do you like Art Fusion Photography, if yes which one do you like the best?

Thanks to My Double. I couldn't have done it without you.

What's your favorite cartoon TV show?

Which of these cartoon TV shows are your most favorite? Review all options. Also please explain your reason.

What do you enjoy watching most?

Which of these options do you enjoy the most? Also if you can, please explain your reason for why you picked your opinion.

What do you think will be in Pokémon Presents tomorrow?

I don't want Let's Go for Johto before Diamond and Pearl remakes, That would be disappointing. I hope they'll announce Diamond and Pearl...

Best photo edit?

Thanks for voting everyone