5 Bollywood movies to watch during the lockdown

Okay, I know what you're thinking... she's suggesting we watch those Indian movies where people keep randomly dancing? Yes, that is...

Killing the Quarantine Boredom: Three Best of Netflix to Watch

*Has no joy yet composed himself a bit and shares* "The beams of the sun at their peak, the feel of them touching and relaxing the body,...

My Nifty Nineties 2020 Summer Mix

This is my continuation that I had taken a break from and decided to revisit but I wanted to do a 90's mix that I could see putting...

My Hillbilly Life, An Extremely Old Poem I Guess I Wrote

No one understand my way of life. Every time I go outside, the public always stares me down, as if I am some kind of clown. Just because...

Dystopian themed Video games, movies, tv shows and novels that are relevant now more than ever

With the ongoing chaos in the world, many people have noticed eerie resemblances to fictional dystopian works. Here are some of those...

Dancing as a form of entertainment

Dancing is a magical way of taking your care away. It does not matter if it is the Macarena, the Electric Slide, or your own crazy...

There's a mouse in your house! What do you do?😳🐭🐀😺🐈?

Just 1 mouse but really smart, there's lots of options lethal/non lethal

Elvis Presley or Willie Nelson?

I think Willie Nelson sings it better but Elvis is the one I heard first. #songversions

Sasuke Vs. Garou! Winner?

So... Garou... he's, interesting? He's a human from One Punch Man (For those who don't know.) He trained in the way of Flowing Water and...

Which of these timeless legends do you think is more attractive?😍😎💋👠🎥🎭🎙️?

Both stunning and talented in singing & acting, who do you like more?

Pick an overused female character trope?

Which type of character do you most enjoy?

Would you date/marry a gamer who tends to be addicted to games?

This may be a generalization and i am talking about my anecdotal experiences. So what I have seen is that gamers like my sister are...

What illustration do you like by Jean-François Allaux?

This guy possibly has the most French-sounding name I've ever heard.

Which character would you rather be?

Which fictional character would you rather be? On this list, I'd pick Rydia, although Terra is tempting too.

Ross and Rachel were on a break? Yes or No?

I was just rewatching the episode. Any other friends fans out there? What was your take on it?