Top up and coming actresses to set 2021 on fire (please no sleazy comments)

1. Millie Bobby Brown 2. Teagan Croft 3. Ruby Ashbourne Serkis 4. Joey King 5. Raffey Cassidy 6. Brec Bassinger 7. Alba...

Some of my favorite picks to watch during Thanksgiving

It was hard to find 10 but I found 5 solid one's with 5 other very close suggestions. So top five... 1. Dutch - 1991...

31 Days of Christmas Faves

🎶 Introduction Poem— The month of December is on its way and so is Santa’s slay. So here's a few of my Christmas faves for all of...

Violence in video games!!!

Do you think violence in video games with making it so realistic in graphics and movements and being very close to realism can make the...

My celebrity crush on Adelaide Kane

I had listed my celebrity crushes before being Mandy Moore, Kate Upton, Kate Beckinsale, and Alexandra Daddario. I visit with my mom...

Five of the most evil and destructive characters

I was kind of challenged to do or maybe a inquired if I would do a mytake off of this question Who's the most dangerous, destructive and...

Opinions on Social Distortion?

They've always been one of those bands that has a special place close to my heart. Seems like the older I get, the more relevant their...

What's with pop music, why do people listen to something that could only be popular through peer pressure?

Seriously, I haven't listened to anything of the sort since I got my first headphones at eight years old. Why wouldn't other headphone...

How can I get better?

This was my first time drawing in 5 years. I just need some advice and critics :)

Who is listening to music?

What are you listening to am on some Amy winehouse about to hear to some trap after this

What do these emojis mean to you? ?

What do these emojis mean to you? Under what situation or message would you use them? 💮White flower 🌿Green bouquet 🌸Pink flower...

I am a big fan of 1990s action shows, but they don't make them like they used to anymore? How can I move on?

My top three favorite TV shows were all in the 1990s. Mortal Kombat: Conquest, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, and Xena: Warrior Princess....

Shadow hunters mortal instruments?

What do u think about shadow hunters mortal instruments series do u like or dislike it

Have you watched Bridgerton on Netflix?

One of the best shows I have watched on netflix - warning: its raunchy 😉🙈 so many s*x scenes 😂 All the castings are good looking...

Does watching horror movies scare you?

I am 27 years old, I cannot watch horror movies at night because I am scared. I even have nightmares.

Which Asian Wild Cat You Would Rather Face Off In The Wild?

If you see one in the wild, which one would scare you the least? Asia is the Land of Wild Cats!!

Which Idol Is The Handsomest?

Part 2 of my KPOP biases but this time male version!

Which Idol Is The Prettiest?

These are my KPOP girl group biases, who do you think is the prettiest? Bias means your favourite member of a certain group!

Which African Wild Cat You Would Rather Face Off In The Wild?

Which one would scared you the least if you seen them in the wild? Africa has many interesting cats, not jut Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs!!

Which of these two mountain photos do you like the most?

Deciding which to put over my couch. I just moved to the mountains and wanted one of these but can’t decide.

If 25 people said yes to your idea, and 11 said no, would you still go with it?

The result won't affect any of these people. Only you.