100 Reasons Why I am Not Having Kids and Won't Change My Mind

100 Reasons Why I am Not Having Kids and Won't Change My Mind

In this crazy and out of control world, where everyone is obsessed with having children the childfree make a vast minority of the population it seems. I know not one person in real life, who is as childfree as I am. I only know a few gagers here like (how she likes to be called) auntie @Ozanne who also gave advise to the childfree folks in one of her mytakes.

@Daynada has inspired me to make this mytake :) I thank her for it.

Anyway here are the full 100 mother-effin reasons why I am not going to have any kids:

1. Having children conflicts with my actual long term life plans

I have other plans. Traveling, finding and establishing my own home so that I am resilient to poverty threats. Children are not part of it. I want to do fun things and swim and explore and many things.

2. I am broke and have no money

Kids cost tons of money! Which I don't have. I am so poor, that I am actually often malnourished.

3. Kids are not worth it

4. Kids are too much effort and drains you

Your own well being is inevitably going to take a toll!

5. I don't get paid much.

My job is good, I feel safe and more-or-less happy doing it. The average pay however doesn't cover my cost of living.

6. I don't want to deal with kids as a father

7. I deserve peace

Rarely I have lived under peace. I have only had short time frames of peace and I'm addicted to peace.

8. Having children โ‰  the purpose of life

9. I don't want to bring anyone else into this dominated world

10. The kids would just go through all suffering and pain like I have

100 Reasons Why I am Not Having Kids and Won't Change My Mind

11. I survived poverty and I don't want anyone else to be forced to

I was VERY poor growing up and I lived in a household family with tiny income. It has damaged me and has manifested my mindset as a reason why I couldn't be successful with women.

12. I'm not completely out of poverty

13. Global financial crisis and broken economics

14. Everyone is indebted. Well, many are

Why are most in debts and have to take credits? I don't have debts but I don't want anyone else becoming a product of our poor finances.

15. (a) We are completely dominated by the government and taken full advantage of

Think about it: Why are we even working full time and obey so many (useless) laws? So we can make a modest middle-class living. Which leads me to

16. (b) We are taxpaying peasants basically

Oh the great illusion, that kids grow up to become the next scientist to cure cancer ๐Ÿ™„ I bet good money, that it will be another taxpaying (and maybe even indebted) peasant like the rest of us so the government can do as it's pleases with it and won't resolve their nation's debts.

17. (c) We are expendable

Men are soldiers, who fight and die and survive in wars. Women? They are what I would call the incubators to spawn more soldiers and future incubators or be factory workers like war prisoners. Sorry but "the truth" hurts.

18. We have no freedom and no privacy

Our freedom gets taken away piece by piece. Internet resources being banned, censorships, access to information being restricted, mass surveillance etc... Russia even banned the usage of proxies and VPNs! China banned social media. They don't want it's citizen to unveil truths or other sides of stories.

19. I am not feeling like extending my family tree ๐Ÿ˜‘

20. I hate the governments, who have dominated us all.100 Reasons Why I am Not Having Kids and Won't Change My Mind

Which means if I bring any more children in this world then they will also be dominated.

21. Humanity is the most destructive species on earth /!\

22. We are already overpopulated and face overpopulation problems

23. Religion

A mass crowd control and manipulation tool abusing "the holy power" to do the bidding of a sect. Call it what you like.

24. Television

Another mass crowd control and manipulation tool, utilized by the media and being influenced by the government.

25. No help for the poor

Is that what will happen to us when we're poor? What about the poor kids? (There are foster homes but not everywhere)

26. The earth is going to sh*t!

Thanks to humanity and the governments. The earth will be rendered uninhabitable.

27. I'm a loser... well, not really

My battles aren't won but I fight daily. I'm not in a good position right now in my life and have almost never been.

28. Having kids is too sacrificing

29. Having kids seems, that everyone wants. Especially women ๐Ÿ˜’

30. We are very often being lied to

Life can not be complete without kids? Really?

100 Reasons Why I am Not Having Kids and Won't Change My Mind

31. What happened to the free-thinkers?

32. There are not enough childfree members

33. There are no warranties whatsoever

I'm not taking a potentially high-failure rate risk, what my child will independently do.

34. I see no point in reproducing

35. I had a Miserable childhood experience

36. I have unresolved medical conditions

Which I cannot afford to resolve

37. My fate was put upon me

I am what I am today because my parents wanted me to, which also leads me to...

38. I got to be a rebel

39. Children are no sources of pleasure for me

40. Disturbingly unnecessary "Laws"

18 years being the age of legally being an adult. Why not earlier? Those years before that number cannot be put under control by the suffering person (who for example wants to work to afford stuff, that their parents can't like food and clothes)100 Reasons Why I am Not Having Kids and Won't Change My Mind

41. It's lesser problems to get worked up about

42. Responsibilities!

I have enough responsibilities! I don't need any more. I don't want to respond for whatever crime someone else has committed.

43. Kids can highly likely turn out terrible

There are good chances, that due to stress and failures they can become the next Elliot Rodger or a gold digger using sugar daddies and renting her body. Anything can be.

44. Too many kids these days (and in my days) are depressed by default

And I still am

45. Trends

Memes, facebook likes, languages like "git rekt", "lol", "alpha males" and eks-dee (XD) being said in real life! What the actual F?!

46. Our (de)generation is degraded

47. Schooling systems and schools

Schools don't teach shit! Nowadays the internet is the only and gigantic source of knowledge. Am I right google and wikipedia?

48. Everything is about the MONEY! Well, almost everything.

Almost nothing is gifted! Friendship, generosity, loyalty, kindness and honesty. Those things are rare!

49. Do I really have to have kids?

And if so then who said so?

50. Vasectomy is much cheaper than the consequences of getting someone pregnant100 Reasons Why I am Not Having Kids and Won't Change My Mind

(Yeah, I had to save this one and couldn't resist to post this meme above)

51. Lesser problems for the people

Lesser mouths to feed, take care of, provide etc... It won't be part of the statistics

52. Kids can cause possible further (legal) consequences

53. Being childfree doesn't mean hating kids. I'm an example

54. I really don't care (aside from being childfree)

55. Having children is being indoctrinated into us (See reason 31)

56. Kids are likely to disappoint their parents

57. And if they don't then the kids will resent their parents for controlling them too much

58. The earth has only so much resources

And soon the resources will deplete and a new war will break out.

59. And we are multiplying like the rabbits

60. As a father I would be FORCED to make even more money

That which I am making not enough already for me alone. Women get the privilege to stay at home.

100 Reasons Why I am Not Having Kids and Won't Change My Mind

61. I don't need children to be happy (See reason 1)

62. Children also consume an enormous amount of time

That which I have lost too much when I was legally not an adult and I couldn't use that time for something meaningful.

63. Children require too much energy and devotion

64. If you don't have kids, then how can you or anyone hurt them?

65. Or be abused and taken advantage of by our government?

66. I'm doing them a big favor by not bringing them here in the first place (ergo being selfless)

67. Less means more :) ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)

for us.

68. Having kids changes your life forever and irreversibly

69. You will be legally CHAINED to your kids!

for 2 decades long! That's maybe a quarter or third of your entire life! Depending on your own health.

70. Being childfree is a very courageous act these days!

All too often we childfree folks get discriminated. There's nothing wrong with being childfree!

100 Reasons Why I am Not Having Kids and Won't Change My Mind

71. Chances are my kids will turn into losers like I am (well, not really)

72. Raising children does not mean, that I will manage to make them different/unique from the standard, that everyone else is

73. I am not family oriented

I am more like hedonistic and career-driven at the same time. So leave me be and look after your own kids.

74. My life's history is a little poor

But I did get to travel one time.

75. I don't have a place, that I can call my home!

I'm far away from my homeland Germany. I don't feel like home here at all (and I'm not in Iceland) even after almost 8 years!

76. I'm not missing out on anything.

77. Life's just much easier being childfree

78. It's just my choice to be... well, almost

My past experiences have manifested this choice for me at least and I feel 100% comfortable with it.

79. There's nothing wrong with being childfree

And so is deciding to have kids (provided you can raise them properly and have all the means to). It's a choice we make and we will live with it's aftermaths regardless! Like Demon Hunter said "Every scar is a choice you made. Every choice is a vow you took."

80. Lesser obligations to deal with

100 Reasons Why I am Not Having Kids and Won't Change My Mind

81. One way or another you will be abandoned by your children

At some point at least. Let's face it, we all will die but we don't know how or when. It could be tomorrow or in 1, 20 or 50 years.

82. Your children will have more than enough of life's difficulties and challenges too

83. Life has either little value or doesn't matter at all

We are very tiny and terminating organisms to the earth compared to meteors and asteroids

84. History repeats itself

Another birth, another death and the cycle just keeps repeating. I want to break mine.

85. The standard middle citizen class is not in a good position

We suffer and face the consequences of the choices, that those, who are above us make. It's vicious!

86. Your children may as well backstab you

Rarely but it happens

87. I have problems

And children are fortunately not part of it because I don't have them :)

88. There is so much more in this world than just having children

89. Having children is a very bad choice if you don't want them or can't provide for them

90. There's no need to

Because humans keep populating regardless whether we also reproduce or not. Well, there's a situation in Japan with the herbivore men but it's not a real threat. It's also about sending a message.

100 Reasons Why I am Not Having Kids and Won't Change My Mind

91. It's a terrible world!

Discrimination, murder, rape, violence, blackmails, terrorism... all of that is everywhere!

92. What would my children be doing anyway?

I'm poor and so are they and they have nothing else to do but to surf the internet, play video games and maybe watch porn like I do because the folks here are very poor and the prices for social activities are rising. They would resent me for bringing them here in the first place. I know I do.

93. The nations can't get along with each other

I expect more wars to happen. We may be close to a new world war. And we will all pay for it.

94. I'm not happy right now

And I'm depressed for over a decade. Children would be making it only much worse.

95. We are not missing anyone

Except for those, who have passed away or are far away.

96. Children can commit Suicide!

And all your efforts were wasted. You will clean up after that.

97. You may not get along with your children, maybe even at all

Which is my case sort of. I do it for my own safety and perseverance!

98. If you and/or your child becomes disabled when you are struggling gathering finances

It will NOT turn out well.

99. Your children can become criminals and/or degenerates without perspectives

And you - as a parent - will be forced to deal with it!

100. I love my freedom and independence too much

I wouldn't give up either for anything. It's either those two or nothing at all.100 Reasons Why I am Not Having Kids and Won't Change My Mind

There! 100 reasons why I am not having kids!

This article is not meant to discriminate or convert or bother the natalists or those, who wish to become a mother or a father. It's just my personal article about my childfree stance and reasons why! No hate and no discrimination whatsoever for whoever thinks otherwise.

I hope you enjoyed it ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)

Auf wiedersehen!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I love this. I have a lot of reasons for not wanting kids either. For one, I love my job. I was lucky enough to impress during an interview and got a good job. It doesn't pay great but I have another job at a nursing home that I actually hate but I am on per diem for. I am living with my parents and am saving up money. My coworkers with kids need to stop assuming their lives are more important. My days off are just that. They're my off days. The management at the nursing home really needs to stop calling me and guilt tripping me into taking a shift. Plus after a difficult shift, I love coming home to a clean and quiet house.

    • We just bought a new sofa, and told our 17 year old not to put their dirty feet on it (wash them or put on socks); they stormed out and won't be seen until tomorrow. Their feet will be just as dirty.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well done you legend!

    Maybe its my age, but Im not feeling too pressured to have humans yet. And like you, that wouldn't change my mind anyway. This limitlessly sick world is no place to force a child into, parents can't control the future society or government their children will grow up in/under, we're already overpopulated and depleting resources, and the last thing the Earth needs is more humans.

    Id tell you to spread the word, but its depressingly obvious and women still dont get it.

    • Most women feel the purpose of life is being a mother or they feel they NEED children to be happy. Sad but true.
      Some call it maternal instincts but I saw only a few women here on GAG, who don't have these "maternal instincts".

    • Yes, I think it is a biochemical programme that prompts women to have children, regardless of their ability to give them a good life. Its a bit complex to solve, because its intrinsic to all women, and few are so amazing and strong that they resist those urges for their fertile lifetimes. At the same time, there needs to be something set in place to prevent this. 'Make Poverty History' would have succeeded, for example, if their campaign was to illegalise childbirth into poor families below a certain threshold of stability and financial independence. That would solve the entire problem, as poverty is almost always inherited from the parent.

    • I am a subject of a past surviving poverty in a poor family. I agree as one myself.

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What Girls Said 21

  • Nice MyTake. I start to like this idea too.

  • Thanks for the mention, and as usual, a great Take from you! :)

    You hit me with #70. In the workplace, I've asked for time off and had it approved, only to be reversed because someone had something to do with their kids. If I was sick, it was questioned, if someone had to leave early to pick up their kids - no problem. People with children need to stop assuming their lives are more important than ours, The Childfree. The difference is they chose that life, and I'm merely responding to circumstances in mine.

    • My pleasure my friend ๐Ÿ˜Š
      I wouldn't however be too open about being childfree. As you have experienced this fact can be turned against you. Today being childfree is something, that is seen as unacceptable only because we are the minority of it. It's typical because people don't tend to think outside of their box. It's what can be expected. We are few but we are there.

      My perfect lady would be childfree as well. And sex hungry. โค๐Ÿ˜€

      Disclosing your position about being childfree must be taken with great caution. It's better to not know about it than to disclose it.
      We have been indoctrinated too much and only a few of us can be our true selves. Unfortunately.

      * sigh *

      I wish i could find a good, childfree woman ๐Ÿ‘ฉ
      I think more men are childfree than women.

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    • It's just based on probability, just like being heterosexual is. Since 80-90% of people are heterosexual, it's presumed first - usually if people are traditional-minded enough to say so.

    • Guess so.
      but that doesn't mean we should be alienated or something,

  • I don't want kids either but

    "There are good chances, that due to stress and failures they can become the next Elliot Rodger or a gold digger using sugar daddies and renting her body. Anything can be."

    Wow lol comparing sugarbabies to Elliot Rodger

    • It has to be some kind of a failure spawn of each gender

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    • @DonRomeo Are you kidding?

    • Not at all. I dont see how racism is taboo, yet discrimination against poor men by women who only fuck well-off guys for their money, is considered completely acceptable. There are absolutely no excuses for lifestyle prostitution or discrimination based on social status.

  • Well that is fine, its your life and you are free to do whatever you want. Personally I want kids and its a deal breaker for me if a man doesn't but there are still enough women out there who want the same thing you do so yay!

    • There are enough women out there who dont want to make more humans? I dont think so.

    • @DonRomeo Yeah, me neither :/
      Despite I want to stay positive about it I do not shift away from reality.

  • A. No one cares. They don't.
    B. Anyone who feels the way you do should ABSOLUTELY NOT procreate.

    You're free. Go in peace and use birth control.

  • I agree.

    I think many others do as well, but just end up having kids due to poor planning or giving in to sentimentality, or 'I want a puppy' phase.

  • Thank you for mentioning me. There are a ton of great reasons here not to have kids. I do have a kid but not looking to have anymore. I do agree they are expensive. It's a given. I did like the comic about the the 3 jr meals and the vasectomy lol.
    I do however, have to disagree on the part where women get to stay home and be housewives or stay at home moms. Not all do. I didn't get to. Just like you, I can't afford it... only with a kid.
    Other then that, great take!

  • Sounds like you're scared that you might fail them or them not being happy having you as a father. You can't let you or negative things in the world hold you back and keep you scared. If you don't want to not continue your own bloodline then that's fine, I can't fully understand why people don't want a small piece of them to continue on earth but it is their decision. A lot of young people say they won't change their minds but you never know what outcome is in the future, you say no now but might say yes later down road when you find a woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Are you 100 percent sure you want to die old some day and not have anyone to remember you as dad or grandfather? Are you really sure you don't want your family name to carry on long after your gone?

    • Yes, I'm sure. I'm in charge of this decision.

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    • @JudgmentDay yeah I know people die young every day, it's no secret. It was just an example I was giving cause it still is a possibility that he may die old

    • @BrittBratt2416 the whole spreading and passing on genes thing is optional and should not be obligatory. Some time people are aware they don't have good or really great genes and their genes aren't good, so they won't risk passing them onto an offspring. Otherwise if offspring inherit bad genes from their parents then they'll suffer for it. The carrying on a name and legacy thing really isn't a guaranteed thing either. No legacy is ever guaranteed to last forever, at some point there will be a point where it ends even if it isn't from voluntary childlessness. But it's understandable for those that have lots of "important" matters that they want to pass on to their future descendants, whether it's wealth, fortune, position, or something else tangible, etc. Others may not view that passing on their name and legacy as priority or even have any actual real importance at all to them.

  • I used to think that way. The only reason I changed is bc family is security. There is no better bond and help humans have than family, and that will translate to happiness, success, and a better life. It's not for everyone obvs. You've got to question why sex is such an irresistible force of nature. Sex=family.

    • There's no guarantee you can provide recreation activities, college, health insurance etc. to your children. So in that way it won't necessary work like a security system. Yes, it costs a lot in many countries and especially in countries without welfare.

    • @waterrat Not everybody wants or needs a family. You only want it if you believe in it, believe that it matters to you or believe that it is important to you. But not everyone sees it that way, believes it to be that way.

  • I agree with your opinions but why did you use 100 reasons exactly? Some of these are repeated/sound the same, you could've saved time and used 20 or 30 reasons why

  • That's totally fine. I don't see anything with not wanting kids. Raising human beings isn't for some people. As for me, I plan on having 5 kids. I want to be surrounded by my children and I want to raise them to be healthy adults.

  • Your way is different than mine but that's ok. one I want kids
    I don't intend to join the rat race I'm going to live self reliant meaning I live in the middle of knowhare I grow my own food from plants to animals make my own soap furniture blades provide my own electricity and water. If I had kids I plan to homeschool them. But the likely nesse of me having kids is one 1 in 50000 because one my hormones arnt even so I have had months in a row whare I have no period then have months whare my period last 3 weeks so if I had to guess I'm probably not even furtle and even if I was I'm not likely to find someone who would love me and want to have kids with me. So if I do have kids they will most likely be adopted

  • you have to be rich to have kids, this is one reason more..

    • more like you either are really fucking optimistic and is a big time risk taker and is willing to or can overlook all of the miseries, pain, hardships, illnesses or diseases, suffering, etc., and the dreaded inevitable thing called death that comes with this kind of a world.

      OR that you are reckless or inconsiderate of what the consequences are, that's why accidental pregnancies happen, such as not properly using birth control, resulting in unplanned for pregnancies, or when two people got drunk and waster or got high on some drugs and did their thing and a life is conceived BECAUSE of their recklessness and mistake.

      People that are pessimistic, nihilistic, or those that don't ever want to take risks and is unwilling to ever take risks simply are never gonna bother putting themselves in that kind of situation. They just call it quits on ever becoming parents and will absolutely do whatever it takes to ensure they don't ever "accidentally" become parents.

  • i better have children no way im going through these periods and not have any hecks naw son

  • But kids are too cute

    • I don't find children cute at all. They're just ordinary and nothing special with them. Just regular human beings.

  • Amen to that, brother.

  • good for you

  • Everything changes even our thoughts

    • But the one thing that never changes is the way how this world and reality had always been. And that everybody is different on this planet and not everybody wants or don't want the same exact things in their lives or throughout their entire lifetime. Yes, changes can and do happen, other times, it does not. People can be really stubborn.

  • Well good luck

  • So basically you don't want kids, because you'll have to pay more, will have to share your free time and because they'll have to live in the same world, following the same rules as everyone. It's nice that you managed to write 100 sentences over almost only 3 reasons. I bet you're good with essays.

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What Guys Said 29

  • I agree with some of your reasons, but it seems like some of them come from inexperience and/or lack of confidence and trust in yourself. I think you should try to knock those reasons off your list (e. g. try to stop being too broke for kids, try to fix your own problems), then you'll be in a position where it really is a totally viable option, and you are simply declining the option. Nothing against you I just don't think those reasons should be part of why you aren't going to change your mind, they should just be why you aren't having kids right now.

    But reasons like wanting your free time, silence, privacy, and the world already being shitty and overpopulated with morons are great reasons that may never change. Those are pretty much my reasons too. It seems like kids would take up too much time and I don't want all my time to be taken up thinking about taking care of these monstrosities, it's just not an interesting task to me... so I have no plan to have kids. But I realize that I may feel differently in 10 years from now, it's very hard to predict how I will change beyond a few years in the future.

    • So like the tl;dr is I don't want kids either, but double check some of your reasons because some of them seem a little neurotic

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    • They aren't that rare, I've met some!

    • I never met one of them โ˜น

  • 2. We are already overpopulated and face overpopulation problems

    This point killed it.

    Earth is overpopulated yes.

    But North America, Europe, and some Asian countries aren't.
    In fact half the world's countries are facing the problem of future population decline. Let me tell you in simple words what happens. When a population has less kids then required then in 30-60 years the parents will die, now there's less kids than parents so the population declines, next, in the next 30-60 years after that the kids of those parents also had less than what's required, probably having a wider gap than the last one. Now they die, their kids have even less kids. And at this point the cycle is built and it's extremely hard to break, because with population decline the economic situation of the country becomes worse as such potential parents struggle to finance kids and end up having less than what they would want or none at all. Now without a random generation having 2 or 3 times more kids than normal it's practically impossible to break the cycle and the population keeps declining to 0.

    However about taxes, if you live off the land then you're free so..

    • Nowadays we have many single parents and bastard children, who resulted from unprotected and casual sex and those kids will grow up in poverty and a little similar to me. Malnourished, lack of clothes, lack of access to knowledge, healthcare etc...

      But my case is unique since I am an underprivileged migrant, who doesn't earn enough money. Does it sound like a good idea to bring a child under such circumstances? I don't think so.

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    • @naydyonov Maybe they'd rise up and destroy us all or enslave us and humiliate us in retaliation for how we had treated their kind. Only speculations and assumptions, not necessarily guaranteed. But nothing stays on top forever, much less stays around forever.

    • @JudgmentDay We treat them probably better than they would if the roles were reversed thousands of years ago.

  • 101. You'd only be playing with Russian Roulette or "Playing God" with somebody else's well being in this kind of a world and reality.

    102. BECAUSE IN THIS WORLD EVERYBODY WILL SUFFER AND EVERYBODY WILL DIE!! EVERYBODY THAT EVER LIVED DID AND HAD!! This IS a world with perpetual conflict, with perpetual suffering, and it just NEVER changes and this simply just CAN'T change.

    103. Because it's a world in which "NOTHING" is solved, not TRULY solved anyway.

    You could have added the following videos:


    I mean does anybody ever want to become involved in something they never asked to be involved in and volunteered to involve in, in the very first place?

    If not, then why involve anybody at all or make it so that they become involved when they never had asked to become involved? By creating life and consciousness you'd already be involving somebody in something that didn't ask to become involve in nor participated for.

    It's like the violation of somebody or something's NEUTRALITY.

    If some of us had the knowledge of this world and reality and if we were actually GIVEN A CHOICE TO BEGIN WITH, we would probably WILL choose to retain that NEUTRALITY and stayed NEUTRAL indefinitely and never become involved in this kind of a world and reality at all.

    Because after all, we really didn't need to know and really didn't have to know about this world and reality.

    We really didn't have to know and we really didn't need to know about what pain is, about what suffering and miseries are, and what death is, and many other horrible things that come with this world and reality altogether, the whole fucking package that nobody asked for or ordered in the first place.

    Your children can die before you do. You can die before they do. Both of you gonna suffer either way and grieve over the loss. Or other worse case scenarios I heard about are kids killing their own parent or parents or vice versa where parents murder their own children. It's all fucked up either way. Too many fucked up things

  • That's a very long list. You could have limited it to "I don't want any"!

    One of my oldest friends made that choice, and has a very nice life, with a lovely (woman) partner. (He doesn't have a driving licence either.) Sometimes I envy him, sometimes the children don't piss me off for nearly a day, and I don't, but not often enough!

    • You know, a long term relationship without kids is just what i am after. I keep reading, that it's becoming more common but never did i see any of it in reality and i never met such people.

  • "and Won't Change My Mind"
    "2. I am broke and have no money"

    So you are planning on staying broke? Good life plan.

  • I don't want kids , material items or any ties. I love to travel. And I love to learn. These are the things that make me happiest in life. Anyone that wants children should go for it :-)

  • On a curious kinda way , just think what would happen if all men agreed to do this at the same time !!

    • Yay human extinction ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Actually that still isn't enough to render us all extinct, the government could step in and make it mandatory for those that are health enough to donate sperm. There's also sperm banks.

      But if it was some outside force that is able to render and cause all humans to become infertile, such as permanently nullifying all human reproductive cells then that's a guaranteed and eventual extinction. Such as a very contagious pathogen or virus of some kind that is potent and is capable of doing such.

  • 3. Kids are not worth it
    4. Kids are too much effort and drains you
    56. Kids are likely to disappoint their parents.
    Personally, I think having kids will be fun on the whole, and I'd love to be a father. I think kids are too worth it, and definitely worth the effort, and I'll love them unconditionally and support their plans so they don't disappoint me. I don't mean to be rude, but personally I've never understood people who don't want to have kids.

    • Because we don't want to. Because we are able to choose to not have them. Because we know people suffer and then inevitably die in this world. Not only is life unfair, but so is death. How often do you hear people die easily, quick, painless, peacefully, quietly and naturally on their deathbed? There are many horrible, gruesome, bloody ways to die filled with excruciating pain before death in this world. Imagine if that were ever to happen to that child of yours that you chose to bring into this world and that was your reality eventually. The grief the sorrow, the emptiness. You'd have to bury your own child. It's something we can't be of absolute certainty that everything would turn out to be just fine for someone we bring into this world that much less never authorized us and gave us the right to bring them into this world in the first place. We simply just aren't that kind of risk taker.

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    • Each to *their* own.

    • @JudgmentDay I get what you're saying, I'm just saying that I think you should try to be more positive about the world in general, because it isn't all bad, there;s a lot of goodness in it too.

  • WHOOOOAAAA!!! But I don't know why not having children is even considered selfish. It's a right and a preference. I'd say having kids just for the sake of having kids and not taking responsibility is considered selfish. Having kids just because everyone else does is considered selfish.

  • There's nothing wrong with wanting kids if you don't want them.

    In fact I applaud you. There are some people out there who have kids, who don't want them.

    • I have to agree, it is much worse to bring someone into existence into this world and then abandon or abuse them. But that does happen for those that had kids and didn't want them and in those cases they are probably unplanned for pregnancies or accidental pregnancies. completely irresponsible and reckless for not properly apply and using proper birth control preventative measures. Both parties involved in the sexual activity are to blame otherwise they should have completely avoided intercourse and only had oral sex, anal sex, or anything else instead that won't result in unplanned or accidental pregnancies.

  • Most of these are just excuses, and no one really cares if you don't want kids or why.

    And I highly doubt that you've faced any real discrimination by not wanting kids; people thinking that you're weird for ignoring only objectifiably discernible reason for your existence isn't discrimination.

    You do you and I promise that most people don't care.

  • It's your own personel choice bro. Nobody is holding a gun to your head saying and forcing you to have kids lol.

  • Don't reproduce if you don't want it now.
    Later, who knows about later?

  • Swallowing the "Red Pill" and going MGTOW is really resonating with males these day and is gaining momentum as fast as feminism did.

    • I'm not part of that. Me and @Unit1 we're moreso single for lifers. Though I'm more of an anti-natalist and question how the fuck exactly is it fair to bring somebody into this world and expose them to harm, pain, and suffering and then have to inevitably die some day? You tell me, how exactly is it fair? And if it really isn't fair? Then why the fuck even bother to do it all? Why is it even justified? Oh yea sure, if everybody thought the way we did the world would die and fucking end, humanity would become extinct, but that's ridiculous argument and the truth is that not everybody think and feel that same way, only some of us do, and two, there are many other existential risks that could end humanity and we have MORE THAN enough people on this planet that we won't go extinct any time soon.

      it's just that some of us find this whole discrimination thing from people that expect us to "oblige" to procreating to be absurd af.

  • I mostly just think it's more than i want to handle life stressful enough already

  • I enjoyed this. I can't have kids because I have an alcohol problem.

  • Wow you seem like a really fulfilled and happy person.


  • That's certainly a lot of reasons, but a lot can change over the years, in terms of your perspective.

    Don't rule it out.

  • Can you please tell me where the question that I will answer ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Mho please

  • 1 reason i'm having kids

    1. I want kids :3

    • you want what you want, it's your life. Those that are different don't want the same exact things as you though.

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