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10 Reasons Why I Hate Living At Home

So before I get started I just want to tell all the bootlickers to fuck off as if I could move out I would but I can't 😑. Let's begin

1) Lack Of Respect

Fucking old people
Fucking old people

If you don't know me and haven't read of my plight before, I share a room with my narcissistic mother and I have a hard enough time keeping her shit on her side of the room. She sleeps in the bed and I have a shitty spot on the floor in the corner 😑. At night when she comes upstairs after watching Nothing But Crap (NBC) she turns all the lights on because, "she has to see" so I have to put up with ceiling lights beaming down my fucking eyeballs.

2) Lack Of Privacy

10 Reasons Why I Hate Living At Home

As you can guess there is no privacy. I work all weekend long and during the week I'm either sleeping or doing hw the entire time I have the room to myself. So I can't call anyone or invite anyone over 😑. So all my free time is spent watching youtube or trying to figure out how the hell I'm gonna get out of here.

3) Helicoptering

10 Reasons Why I Hate Living At Home

I have no better words to explain this bullshit but if my mom could control every movement I make she could. Every damn time she opens her moith it's to do 1 of 3 things: bitch about something stupid, say something fucking retarded, or ask for money 😑. I'm a nightowl so at night if I get up to piss she starts yelling about how I get nothing done because. "I'm up all night on that damn phone" (jee I wonder why I'm almost done with my associates? 😑).

4) Boomer Hate

10 Reasons Why I Hate Living At Home
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  • zagor
    But, if I didn't live at home I'd be homeless...

    Oh, you mean your parents home...
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  • nomazi
    Now I know I didn’t do good in math, but I don’t think those were 10 reasons
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  • Regardless how she is, she still gave birth to you and is your mother after all. I believe all parents want just whats best for their kids even if they seem annoying. Be happy to be with her, you never know when things change as nothing is permanent then you’ll regret saying all of this. Trust me.
  • KieranByrne
    New series,...3 reasons why?🤷‍♂️
    • The rest are on my page. I submitted it early by accident and gag doesn't let you update mytakes 😑

    • ☝️😁 👌😎👍

  • You didn't write number 4!
  • Harmseygrace
    Maybe you should just move out.
  • GreatnessBack
    Laughing from his own apartment!!
  • It's just 3 reasons
  • Anonymous
    Just move out, you ass.
  • Anonymous
    Time to move out of your mother's womb.