I'm not 19 like my profile says, I'm 17. So stop being persistent.

I've said before that I'm 17 not 19. Everyone asks why my profile says 19. I first joined GAG a while back and I wanted my opinions to be taken more seriously, but if I could change it back to 17, I would. I've already tried, don't ask. They won't allow 2 changes, don't ask please.

Soooo here's what to expect from me since I'm not an adult and I'm still in school living with my strict parents.

1. I'm not allowed on the Internet or to have social media accounts so this whole GAG account is a secret. Told you they were strict.

Im not 19 like my profile says, Im 17. So stop being persistent.

2. If I get caught I will be in so much trouble it's not even funny. No typical movie scenario "shame on you mary for disobeying your parents! No friends or phone for a week!" Yeah no. First of all, I have no friends, second of all I have no phone. And third off, my dad's an ex Marine. He isn't abusive or anything don't freak out.

Im not 19 like my profile says, Im 17. So stop being persistent.

3. I'm on an actual computer ( not a laptop)that's supposed to be used for video games only, that he has approved of. So I can't take it everywhere with me. Duh.

Im not 19 like my profile says, Im 17. So stop being persistent.

4. I'm home-schooled, and have been since before covid since the 5th grade (I'm in 12th now) so I don't get much time away from home.

5. My most active times on GAG are on the weekends when I'm not at home, I go over to my grandmother's house and she is way less strict and let's me get on her computer at my free will.

6. During weekdays, since school has started back up, I'm on after 2 PM and my prime for weekdays is the evening. The I can sneak while my dad's busy doing his own thing

Im not 19 like my profile says, Im 17. So stop being persistent.
Im not 19 like my profile says, Im 17. So stop being persistent.

7. My dad is quite smart and will randomly open the door to the game room while I'm on the computer to see if I'm doing something I'm not supposed to. 9 times out of 10 I have already heard him coming and quickly exited out of GAG and the browsing page. I have been caught before while exiting out but I didn't tell him I was on GAG. I made up a lie.

Im not 19 like my profile says, Im 17. So stop being persistent.

8. My dad will freak out a million times more if he found out I was chatting with strangers rather than if I was just googling makeup shit or clothes. SO that's why my hours are wonky and I'm on and off periodically.

Im not 19 like my profile says, Im 17. So stop being persistent.

Lucky for me, I'm a very mature 17 year old and can handle the pervs, but it's just annoying when I already tell them once my age and they keep on. This is why I accept very little DM'S. I get treated like a 15 year old by my parents and not being allowed to get on the Internet is just one of the many things they are so strict about.

DON'T take this opportunity to lecture me. You are my parents, I'm not your kid.

So of course I'm not gonna listen to my parents! Especially not when they treat my like an oppressed citizen in their totalitarian house LOL Usually when they tell me some crazy strict rules I'm like:

Im not 19 like my profile says, Im 17. So stop being persistent.

Ok, bye. Just remember; WEEKENDS GOOD, WEEK DAY BAD

I'm not 19 like my profile says, I'm 17. So stop being persistent.
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  • Jjpayne
    This is indeed tough as it makes it harder to not be totally arkward...18 years is a golden age... Don't ask me why but it is... So I have to be more tactful and careful...

    I tend to not follow as many younger followers on here because the material is racy and it can start to reach that grey area.

    It's the kind of thing where my 17 year old self would get on a soap box right with you but my 36 year old self is saying... Yeah... It's awkward...

    I think your 36 year old self would say the same thing. It's kinda like a cougar mom type thing...

    So... I will just need to be careful
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  • Reaperbot666
    • depending on local laws some places 16, 17 or 18 is technically a legal adult. also legal age to consent but that is a different story.
    • however since your stuck at home with your family. do have to deal with there crazy rules majority of the time.
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    • kind of feel like a jerk now thinking you were 19+ this whole time. I know some of my comments might have been iffy.

    • It's ok lol, you didn't know

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  • DizzyDesii
    I also wasn't allowed to have social media until i graduated HS. By then i didn't want it so GAG is the only thing i used and i joined in 2015. I have twitter for gossipy tv show purposes but hardly use it. Wow your dads a marine and does he know what happened to make you interested in old guys? I almost wish he wouldve beat the ass of the person that put you through stuff. Bt i’ll just leave it at that.
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    • He doesn't know all the details but he knows his dad is a pervert.

  • GraceMarie01
    are you not allowed to have any friends at all? And omg i had no idea you were in this kind of situation! Girl, message me if you need anything
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    • Aw thank you :) I can have friends, but I never get the chance to make any in person

    • How do you make them then? from class?

    • My homeschooling involves literally no but me and my sister and my dad as the teacher

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  • menina
    I had no idea that your life was like that. Don't get me wrong but it seems to me that your parents are exaggerating. Sure you're 17 and they are your parents, they must protect you but in this case it sounds like they're oppressing you. It's really sad.
    I'm glad you always find a way of doing what you want.
  • Grond21
    That sounds really rough! But I think that being homeschooled is cool. I was home schooled all 12 years
    • Grond21

      I just reread it. I am really really sorry that you have to deal with this crap. It sounds like you are very excited to get away from it.

      I'm also surprised some of the stuff we talked about over private message, given the home situation you're in right now. But maybe they're connected.

    • thank you :)

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your MyTake with us that is one thing my parents were never strict course I was loner due to being severely bullied in Middle School and a little bit in High School but always noticed that kids who had a parent that served in the service seem to be strict with their kids and these Guys on here need to lay off of messaging females on here this is why they end up getting blocked. Best wishes :)
  • Damn girl.
    Da fuck.
    My parents were so chill.
    Especially compared to ur parents.
    • Believe me, I know. Almost any other parent I have ever met is wayyy more lenient than mine. It's like living in a cage. And I haven't even told you the worst of it.

    • cjgsu

      Damn. U ever feel da need to vent I'm here 4 ya.
      I couldn't imagine living lk dat

    • Thanks :)

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  • Smirnoff23
    Have to say you don't sound like a typical 17yo you seem very mature for your age... Sorry your parents are so strict
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I used to enjoy going to my grandmother's house too. How long til you turn 18? (just curious, not pervy)
  • 7Roses
    I think they treat you like you're 8 or 9, not even 15.
  • Jerre
    It is a shame you can’t enjoy your teen years without your father being so strict, but I can understand his position based on what has happened to so many young teen girls on the Internet. Good luck in the future
  • Gwenhwyfar
    I’m sorry honey. If you wanna talk just pm
    me. Just cause I can’t help in any material way doesn’t mean I don’t care.
  • DreamCatchcer
    Hang in there lady.

    Your parents are just overprotective.
  • Guanfei
    Well I already know how old you are, not the rest tho.
    Right on sister!! 👍😎