Losing a friendship. I hope he sees this.

I was really good friends with a man on GaG. He listened to all of my problems, asked me every day "Good morning, how was you day Fifi?" He helped me when I was thinking about running away, we even talked over the phone.

In our early stages of friendship, he hit on me...a lot. But I had no sexual interest in him. On the last day we talked, it was right after out first phone call. I was telling him that I planned on running away. After the call, I texted to him a few hours later "I changed my mind about running away" and I also told him I love you, but I meant it in a family/friend kind of way. He responded back "You are a sweet girl but I think you should go to bed now" I was a little drunk that night and I told him "Oh, so you can propose marriage (he did) but I can't say a simple I love you?"

The last thing he said was "You are a talented girl, but you shouldn't see me this way, you can do great things with your life but I think it's best if we cease contact" then he blocked me.

I considered him my best friend for months, he was the one person I trusted more than anything. Why. I wonder why every day. If he actually thought I meant I love you in a sexual way, wouldn't he have been happy? It's what he wanted I thought, even though its not what I meant. He was a lot older than me and a great guy, I miss hi dearly. It seems like such a stupid thing for a friendship to end over. I hope he sees this and knows how much pain he has caused me.

In a world when I thought I was alone in, you were my light, until you burned out.

Losing a friendship. I hope he sees this.
Losing a friendship. I hope he sees this.
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  • iFarted
    People come and go, I'm sorry you lost a friendship. Something tells me he had a thing for you and he probably felt guilty about it because you're under-aged. Perhaps in the future you two will become friends once again.
    Is this still revelant?
    • That's what I was thinking, but he wouldn't even respond to my email where I cleared everything up.

    • iFarted

      there's a chance that he's the type that needs to cut out complete contact to get over things.

    • iFarted


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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    I'm sorry this happened to you.. I hope you can pick up the pieces and move on without him I know you really liked his friendship but seriously there are guys on here who are broken and one thing when they are older and try to make things sexual advances against underage girls and they need to learn where things stand as a guy whose age 52 I would never make any sexual advances against a girl whose underage yes age 17 is still considered under 18 and I know where he's coming from I been there before when it came to teenager girls I will not lie my last girlfriend was age 18 and I was age 35 but I got self-esteem issues and she lost my class-ring so I ended our relationship so things do happen and I don't remain friends with any past girlfriends once an ex is an ex for a reason well lets just hope he finds peace within himself and I just hope you know not all older guys on this site are looking for friendship they play to be your friend than they try to get more off of a girl and they go for any age on here this place needs a police sting operation to get rid of the predators on this site. Best Wishes :)
    • I'm trying not to say this guy was wanting sex off of you but most older guys on here are looking for that maybe the guy is doing you a favor for his sake and for your sake hey people can search your house just by using a cell phone and yes home phone numbers can be searched too but I wish you the best on this matter sorry it had to end

  • DJB72
    It's hard to go through something like that. Modern technology makes it too easy for a guy to ghost rather than talk through a misunderstanding.

    If it helps, I can promise you that you will have friends who don't ghost you the second there's an exchange like you described. I've lost friends in the past because of a random pseudoromantic statement that was misunderstood. All but one came back into my life eventually.
  • Jjpayne
    That's sad to hear 😞 but it is a sad fact that blocking is all too common on here 😞 I just found out recently that fictionalcharacter blocked me... I enjoyed her posts and her replies to my questions 😞
  • Niya2006
    Sorry that happened slightly bigger sis <3
    loosing a friend that understands you more than anyone else is really hard :/
    I hope he sees this and realizes that his death was his own fault
    ( hehehe I got you sis <3 )
  • Another_Old_Guy
    What a schmuck. See it's idiots like that that ruin it for the rest of us, can I get a witness?
    • I can't call him a schmuck, I still love him so much.

    • that's why I called him one for you, darlin', I've got your back.
      Hopefully he will see that and realize that he was a schmuck and unschmuck himself.

    • lmao

  • cjgsu
    I'm sorry. That happened.
    Itz moments like these that shows u whose a real friend and who isn't. 💞
  • alance99
    I can understand you must be feeling betrayed but everything happens for a cause look at the positive side he was there for you in your bad times, you are a stong person now try to move on and stay positive 🙂😊
  • Gwenhwyfar
    I’m sorry. This is one reason I don’t get too close to people on here. Hurts.
  • Grond21
    I'm sorry this happened to you. That sounds awful! Losing your rock and your light can be so so hard
  • magiusX26
    sorry to hear this happened. i think i may know who too.
  • Diversity_Hire
    That's really shitty, and I wish I had deeper insight but that is really it.

    You're an awesome girl, keep your chin up.
  • dovido
    I feel ur pain! I lost my two best female friends In the last two months.
    I have an open job then lol
    One was very much like urs, but in real life situations- used to be my best friend, we would meet like every week something sleeping at each other’s place, we took lsd together twice and hit the nude beach.. things kinda went bad lately unfortunately even tho I still think very good of her.
    If Ure looking for a friend (I have a girlfriend by the way) and a good listener, I’m here. I think helping helps me a lot
  • Tunasub
    I feel for you. I do know what it's like to miss that one person that you just knew would be there for you. I do hope the sadness eases.
  • Physics-Man
    I'm happy that you dropped off unneeded weight. Must be a relief!
  • I think I may know who you're referring to.
  • knight2468
    He seems a gentle man sorry he block u