I don't even know what the title should be :/


This really nice person used t always answer some of my questions and polls . I ended up following her like 5 days after I joined g@g . Of course she followed me back and a few minutes later she slipped into my DMs . She was sooo sweet and she was always there when I needed someone to talk to . Even when I was being a complete idiot and pushing everyone away , she still stayed no matter how bitchy I was <3 .

She made me laugh .....like a lot ( didn't know someone could make me laugh that much ) . Then for some reason she just talked a lot less . She would come on to say like hi and how are you but that's about it .

Then she came back and I was soooo happy we talked for a while that day !! <3

Sadly she stopped responding again :/ . Then I logged in today and another friend that talked to her a lot ( like calls and stuff) informed me that she had and accident :/ like a really bad one that resulted in .........ughhhhh

At first I thought he was playing some dumb ass prank on me but he was being serious . I feel like this will probably be the only time I actually talk/type about it . Like I said before I'm not one to talk about feelings and get all sappy in public .

I just hope she knew how much I loved her <3 . She was really like a sister to me , if I could go back in time and tell her all the things I couldn't then I obviously would . I know some of you will probably say how the heck did you gat so attached ....... it was kinda hard not to if you actually sat down and talked to her the way I did you would see .

Yeah this was kinda my way to deal with things atm .

Ughhhhh I just wish that she would message me again " Hi niya how are you " or send one of her gifs .

Sorry if some of what I wrote is hard to understand , I'm just letting my emotions pour into this .............since it's probably the only time I'll talk about it .

I should probably end this now being that I can't really see what I'm typing anymore .

I dont even know what the title should be :/
I don't even know what the title should be :/
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    You are a very nice and mature young lady... I'm sorry you had to go through this but watch people cause some will pull scams on people... They do use the phrase that the person they know was in an accident... Just make sure never to give out personal info, phone numbers, emails also watch if they send you links, some can be a hacker and I do not click on any links also if they ask for money or want send you money just ignore them, yes scammers can pretend to be your friends but deep down their not
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  • SunnySri
    I am proud of you Niya for opening up like this, i know how hard it is to talk about losing someone to others.
    I am sorry for what happened to your friend but just remember you are strong and If you ever like ever want to talk to someone there are a lot of people here who are your family talk to them.
    And i am here to, your big brother talk to me ok.
    Super proud of you once again. You are very brave.
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    • Niya2006

      thanks <3
      and if I try harder to open up more

    • SunnySri

      You did Well little one, don't push yourself too hard though, ok.

    • SunnySri

      Thanks little one for the MHO

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Most Helpful Girls

  • cjgsu
    Aww. 💞💞💞 there's nothing wrong with getting attached 2 someone.
    I'm sorry that happened.
    If u need 2 talk u know I'm here 4 u💞💞💞
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    • Niya2006

      Thanks <3
      ughhh now I'm emotional again :/

  • Agape93
    I’m sorry for your loss hon, it never gets easier to lose someone we care about.

    If you want to talk, I’m here to listen
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    • Niya2006

      I know

      and thanks

    • Agape93

      Anytime hon. I know you don’t want to talk about it, and that’s ok. We can talk about other things or nothing at all. It’s up to you.

    • Niya2006

      I'll get back to you on that <3

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  • Lottifan
    Hi Niya
    I’m really sorry to read about what happened. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling at the moment.
    I’m here for you if you want someone to let your heart out to.
    i read this post just fine @niya2006... and i'm sorry a friend got hit
    is her damage permanent? i think u should send her a get well message
    • Niya2006

      She's dead
      she won't even read them

    • Niya2006

      well technically she can't read them

    • oh... i'm sorry to hear that... this is major tragedy...

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  • AlexDeLarge
    I understand your pain. I also have some online friends I care deeply about and it would break my heart if anything happened to them
    • Niya2006

      Yeah <3
      thanks for understanding

    • You're welcome 😊 I hope you hear from her soon and she's alright

    • Niya2006

      I won't tho...
      I should've just said it in the mytake... she's dead

  • msc545
    I'm very sorry to hear this. Any chance she will ever be back?
    • Niya2006


    • msc545

      Truly sorry. Hurts to lose people we care about. :( :(

    • Niya2006

      I hope her family is doing okay tho <3

  • Alyssa11
    Sorry for your loss, love. Hang in there <3
    • Niya2006

      rn just trying to bury these feelings to avoid a melt down >.<

    • Alyssa11

      My PMs are always open if you ever want to let anything out. Sending you lots of love xx

    • Niya2006

      thanks <3

  • I hope she's okay. This was beautiful
    • Niya2006

      she's dead...

    • DizzyDesii

      Holy smokes no. I thought she was badly hurt but this is worse :( are you okay? Well i know you're not rn but just know you’ll be ok soon and that she's in a better place

    • Niya2006

      mhhmm thanks <3

  • Gwenhwyfar
    God I’m sorry
  • JoyGirl
    I am sorry for your loss. 💜
  • Stephie2369
    I would love to have a friend that close
    • Niya2006

      it was nice

    • I am sure it would be - I have a younger and older brother wish I had at least a friend like a sister

  • Leah1273
    Aw hun it’s gonna be okay ❤️
    • Niya2006

      <3 <3 <3

    • Leah1273

      ❤️❤️ imma be here more if you need to talk xx

    • Niya2006

      I probably won't want to talk but thanks anyway <3

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  • Diversity_Hire
    Oh hon, I'm sorry. 💜😢
  • knight2468
    I hope she get well
  • Tstrbrainer
  • pizzalovershouse
    Yep lost a lot of us on this one