Dear Moms and Dads!

Dear Moms and Dads!

I know you might think you got this under control but let me give you some tips from personal experince

1. Don't violate your kids privacy My mom and Dad go threw my messages and i'm like guys i kinda don't want y'all to know who emmas crush is or that maddie is head over boots again and if y'all want me to trust y'all then stop trying to push your self in my life bc I don't like that and thats one reason why I don't trust you

2. Don't talk about how much your kids dissopiont you when they can here you and in front of there siblings not only does that hurt but it also makes me understand why I can't tell you anything

3. don't make fun of your kids bc of who they have a crush on my parents do that all the time they say things like Faith he look like a baby or Faith you need to stop liking him I'm a teen now let me like who I want to like

4. don't say things to your kids like It's because maddie isn't it bc you want to be more like her and you want to make people think your so great No it bc I like what I want to like

5. don't show favortism so easily my parents do and they're like FAITH STOP HITTING BLAYZE even if I didn't sometimes you have to admit your favorite is wrong

6. Tell your kids you Love them everyday bc I've had weeks where no one has told me that and espically when I'm going threw a tough time the least you can do is remind me I'm loved

7. Let me get rid of stuff I'm not a baby anymore I don't want a ariel penny bank and NO it's not bc of my friends it's bc i don't like it anymore

8. Give me a little freedom stop shutting me up in a coop and not letting me go to my friends house bc " I don't know her parents very well yet" and if you do say that at least try to get to know them and let me wear makeup and talk to guys it's not like im trying to get pregant

9. Give me some space I don't want my parents breathing down my neak and asking What're you doing every 5 secs

10. let me be me don't put pressure on me and try to always be there for me don't yell at me for a accident or a misunderstanding let me explain I can almost give you 85% of the time I did nothing wrong

I hope you will follow my advice for your kids, and some of y'all I hope you understand where i'm coming from thanks

Dear Moms and Dads!
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  • Anonymous

    i wish my dad would have read this when I was younger 😲

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  • kmg9150

    Parents are not perfect, everytime they have a child they are becoming a new parent so keep that in mind. This is their first time parenting just like it is you being a minor child whos actions are the responsibility of those parents. Dont let not hearing I love think that they dont, I love you is used more untruthfully than otherwise. Believe it or not, the things they do which you believe to be unfair are because they love you and think they are making the right decisions. Stop and put yourself in their shoes. What if they didn't "violate" your privacy and you ended up overdosing because of it. Try taking the time write down all these things again and then write down why you think they are doing them and then look at it from there point of view. Keep in mind anything you do, they can receive punishment to an extent. Then sit down and have an open discussion about these things and recite what you wrote. The problem is often that people can't change what they do until they are shown what they are doing and how it effects others... We spend almost our whole lifes seeing so many things in life and often only see ourselves by looking in the mirror, and even then its mere physical to what we see...

  • abhi44444

    I say it privacy may be good or may not be must think if someone bullied or depressed is using drugs or alcoholic substance it will be ok if privacy not to hidden fully but remember they are the one who love you the most

    • Yeah i agree but I think your parents shouldn't be looking at your messages or going threw your diary

    • abhi44444

      And they will not it like you are open book to then

  • TheoPfeifle

    Dear children,

    Have an honest relationship with open dialogue with your parents, and they won't feel like you're hiding anything. If I'm feeling the need to go through your phone, it's because there are suspicious signs. I don't invade your perception of privacy willy nilly because I'm just hunting for trouble. Your perception of privacy is also very inflated. You are my minor child and I am legally responsible for you. Any privacy I give you, regarding your communication tools, is a gift. Be thankful you have it, at all. I'm monitoring for your safety.

    Parent who used to think like you, until I had kids of my own

  • redbeardsley91

    Also, be accepting of their lifestyle choices, like if they're bisexual or like someone of the same gender. Love is love and this ISN'T the 1950s ANYMORE!

    My parents once told me (randomly) that they'd STILL accept me as their son if I was gay or bisexual!
    I'm not gay, but it means A LOT to me because my dad's side of the family are mostly religious Catholics and my mom's side is pretty "laissez-faire" about things, for the most part.
    My uncle on my dad's side was a closet gay until my grandmother passed away!
    Even my grandmother on my mom's side (bless her heart) was AGAINST attending my eldest cousin's wedding because she was a lesbian!

  • Wise4myage

    Well said and thoughtful.

  • Anonymous

    Dear children,

    Don't judge your mom and dad until YOU have been a mom or dad yourself. You have no clue what you're talking about until then.


    A father who used to see things the way you do, until I learned better