I want to break up with my boyfriend but I'm attached

I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now. When I first met him he seemed like a great guy (honey moon phase), but it didn't last long. He is constantly borrowing money from me or telling me a sad story about his life that he does nothing to better. He waits around for his brother-in-law to hire him for construction jobs that keep getting pushed back. On top of everything else his dad is sick with cancer and is in the last stages of everything. I understand this is the time when he needs somebody the most, and I have been there every step of the way while he has been out of work and taken him in the hospital to see his dad. I listen to his whole family complain about all of their problems all the time and I feel like there is no outlet for me anymore. I don't even think I really love him, I think I am just attached to his family and don't want to abandon him. I can't keep hurting myself and keep taking on the burden of everything he is going through. He is never appreciative of anything and constantly tries to borrow money from me. After I lend it to him he says his family is having hard times and can't pay me back sorry. He doesn't even borrow money for a necessitiy, it is for something else if you know what I mean. I care for him and know he is capable of making more of an effort then he does that is why this bothers me so much. He will promise to go to a movie with me that I offer to pay for, and then tell me to "cancel" it. I'm sick and tired of "cancelling" everything fun. I work 5 days a week and go to school too. I always make time for him and am a supportive girlfriend and attentitive. I feel nothing is recpricated. Although I understand at the moment there is not much he can do, how long am I supposed to stick around and wait for the better person that I know he can be to come around? It is only going to get worse before it gets better when his dad passes. The sad, depressed, mean nasty side is all I know of him honestly. I could see if we spent years together and suddenly he had a hard ship. We had maybe one good week together and since then it has been problems in his life all the way. I feel like a therapist for him and his family who doesn't even get paid, help! what do I do?
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Oh and ps. I talked to him for years on the computer before I actually ran into him at a store (not planned) and I know from stories and talking to him over the years the way he explained his life is a lot different then now.
I want to break up with my boyfriend but I'm attached
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