Should I move in with my friend and her mom at 18?

I'm 17 and turn 18 next November. Me and my mom have never gotten along. She gets easily mad at the smallest things and when she does get mad she is physically and verbally abusive. She says she approves of me going to college but then bashes on me for not going to university to be a "professional." She even affects my grades. She's grounded me from my calculator and ripped up my notes the day before tests(2 times!) I barely passed those tests!

My friend and her mom want me to come to live with them. However they MIGHT go to Saskatchewan to move in with a potential husband (who is very wealthy and a great guy). Her mom is in a wheelchair so whether they move or not I'll learn to become more independant. I'll have to go grocery shopping, do laundry, get a job, and do everything that's not in my comfort zone.

I've already been accepted to college for jan start and I planned to work until then. But if I move in with my friend and her mom,Saskatchewan is another province so I'll have to wait till the next year to apply. So that means if i move with them going to college will be delayed (i'll probably just take a semester for grade 13) This is assuming they actually do move.

but if I stay here I can go to college right away. I can just move in with them once I find a job and graduate.

The cons of each?

Moving away - not within my comfort zone and damage my ties with my parents.
Stay Here - Put up with my mom's BS, but i may find it harder to leave home if I stay for college..


Moving away - i learn independance, i grow up, be away from mom
Stay here - save money, my family won't hate me for leaving

I dont know what to do. Moving in with my friend sounds like a better situation but i guess im just scared because itll be completely different.
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and i guess im worried about getting a part time job as a cashier or whatever i can get (because my experiences have not been so well). my current is when i can work whenever i want when im not at school as a production worker BUT i'll have to stay with my parents if i want to keep doing it
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Saskatchewan is in ANOTHER province** lol
Should I move in with my friend and her mom at 18?
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