Which one would you want as a daughter?

Which one would you want as a daughter ?

Age: 20
Job: Medical Student (Lives in a dorm)
Attention whore personality
At some point in your upbringing you didn't pay enough attention to your daughter which caused her to seek validation elsewhere. She constantly takes selfies (more than the average girl) in skimpy outfits and post them on social media. Her desire to be popular and center of attention has caused her to take part in many social events at school and be outgoing which means she rarely has time to respond back to you when you send her a message.


Which one would you want as a daughter?

Age: 19
Job: Law Student
Ghetto White Girl personality
Listens to little Wayne, Chris Brown and other rap music in your house. Loves to go out clubbing with her friends almost every day and has a black boyfriend. You've caught her twerking a few times in her room, to one of her songs. Despite going out clubbing she does well in school and goes to an Ivy league university; majoring in law.


Which one would you want as a daughter?

Age: 22
Job: Fashion student
Princess complex
You've spoiled her rotten since she was a little girl and that has left her with high expectations that not many men can fulfill. This has resulted in her dating only rich guys, and her social circle consist of mostly rich kids at her school. To maintain her image, she often expects you to buy her the most expensive shoes, clothes etc and knows how to manipulate you to get what she wants


Which one would you want as a daughter?
Emo personality
Your daughter is very in tune with her emotions (more so than a normal girl), and is a classic romantic at heart. At a young age she expressed her feeling through her paintings and you soon realize she was very talented and supported her when she wanted to pursue a degree in artistry. However, her pursuit for her ideal mate has caused her to date and sleep with a lot of guys. After many failed relationships/one night stands, she has become a bit jaded and emo and tend to have a negative view of men as a whole. She now wonders whether she'll ever find her one true prince.

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Which one would you want as a daughter?
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