Am I wrong for thinking that my 30 year old friend is being a bit of a baby with in regards to her husband's fellowship this summer?

So one of my 30 something year old friend's husband got an amazing opportunity to be apart of a fellowship among some of the countries most skilled, best trained, most intelligent workers. They are on a mission to do something very impactfuly and important regaurding this country. For the duration of the summer, he will be staying in dorm rooms in another state. Seeing as they have a very close four-member family including young children, I can see why this may be hard and certainly an adjustment. However, no offense, but she kinda seems like she's being a bit of a baby about the whole thing :/ They have two small children, both younger than the age of 5. I get that she is overwhelmed and will be frustrated slightly tackling on the experience of single motherhood. Yet, she's technically NOT a single mother. He's still providing for them, planning weekend trips here, they will be planning weekend trips there, and they will be skyping every night. She's requesting that I come over and help take care of them which is slightly aggravating because this summer I really need to be focused on paying off my credit card debt with a stable income (still job searching) and getting straight A's at summer school so I can graduate on time. There are women who successfuly accomplish and master running a household without a man there every single day. I find her neediness to be slightly irritating and unnecssary. Am I being to harsh and/or judgmental? What would you think or do? Any suggestions?


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  • People married to service men in the military do just fine when their so is on deployment

    • Right! I'm young, in college, job hunting, and I find it highly annoying that she's somewhat trying to plan for me to help bathe, feed, and hang out with her children on a regular basis with all of the other priorities I have to tend to. Is that horribly selfish and insensitive of me? :/

    • Not at all but it is of her to expect it

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  • Yes she is being a baby. My dad was a the air force and my mum did just fine when he was deployed with 4 children.