Im 19 and in a tough situation and controlling parents. Help?

So i am 19 in a matter of days. I now have two jobs and i am soon to be taking my driving test trying to show them my independance.
My parents treat me like im a baby, im the youngest and i have two older brothers 22 and 25. i broke up with my ex due to many reasons and i broke down to my mom about him. My family know about it and hate him, but within the past few months of him trying and changing his ways he has betterd himself as he realised how much he hurt me. I have decided to give him a second chance. they made it clear he would not step back in this house and if i went back there they would washer their hands of me and do nothing for me. I am so stuck because i dont want to loose my parents nor do i want to loose my boyfriend who is my first everything. I can't see him because i can't tell them and then if i want to go out they need to know where, when , what time il be back, they pester me with texts and calls.

HELP!! :(

p. s thnank you for taking your time to read this and answer.
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Also my parents and family dont listen to what i have to say they always think right and make my decisions for me, i talk to them and i get no where. i said id never let anyone control me or treat me that way again never and he certainly won't. If it goes wrong again then i will finish it for good but he won't hurt me as bad as he did before because i won't let it.

This is putting a strain on me and my boyfriend.
Im 19 and in a tough situation and controlling parents. Help?
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