Good or bad idea for new fathers to ask for paternity test to make sure their new born is his?

I read an article in some men's magazine it was titled I think
"The ultimate betrayal"
some poor guy moved out if state for work an his girl friend moved with him a few month later. She was happily pregnant with his kid. He married her after the child's birth and a year later she told him the child wasn't his that she lied an cheated on him on her going away party.
his mother had just died of cancer and a new child made him happy until he found out it wasn't his. He recounted taking pictures down and his family feeling sad over losing their first grand child "it was as if my son had died."

Then some medical/research data showed that 55% of woman are willing to lie to their current partner about being the father of a child if it wasn't his, just so he wouldn't leave them. I don't have the reference unfortunately so you'll just have to take my word for it.

the article mentioned that 45% of woman would be willing to lie about birth control est... to get pregnant if their partner wasn't ready or kept putting it off.
Then their was a interview with doctors saying it's not uncommon for woman to ask "around what time exactly did I get pregnant" trying to figure out who the father is. Or security having to be called to the delivery room when his child comes out with traits that extremely unlike him or he mother I. E ethnicity/skin color
it was one of those cautionary tales that probably happens 1 per 100 couples but would it be unethical or trust issue if a man was to get a paternity test just incase. It happens to some guys... so it could happen to anyone one of us really.

Could it also be done without the mothers knowledge or would it be a question that would ruin the relationship? It's a touchy subject so I thought to be a good question to ask.
Take her word for it.
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Not pointing fingers at woman over all, but there obviously are some woman who have no issue lying about it. It's a HUGE lie.
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Laws don't really protect men. So if you're proud and think it's your child and sign the birth certificate and it's not yours. You'll still be legally obligated to pay child support.
Good or bad idea for new fathers to ask for paternity test to make sure their new born is his?
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