Why is my mom so stupid?

I think dogs might be smarter than she is.

Today, I wake up to my dad screaming at her, saying he'd be better off marrying a maidservant, telling her to get out of his house, etc. etc.

I hear her whining back.

Jump to today evening where I'm telling her that the reason he is the way he is, is because his education was lacking. He's a doctor, but he wasn't educated in the North.

She actually starts defending him, and calling ME stupid, getting defensive, then saying I have no knowledge of the system, etc.

Now, it can be argued that maybe saying he's not educated properly is an exaggeration, although I still hold firm in my belief. In fact, he didn't have two degrees, (undergrad and medical school), but only one because his system allowed him to fast-track. But he called her a bitch this morning and thinks she's good-for-nothing.

How is she so dumb to have loyalty towards someone who thinks she is garbage, and has no inhibitions insulting ME when I didn't do anything bad to her? Is she really that stupid lol

Why is my mom so stupid?
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