Guy says we're together but has a girlfriend?

so I've been seeing this guy for about 4 months now and it started out as us hooking up here and there to more and more. we began talking more and seeing each other a lot more lately. and people we introduce each other to or our friends introduce us to think we're boyfriend/girlfriend. we have amazing undeniable chemistry always making each other laugh and smile and having fun together it's perfect. I've told him how I feel, he tells me he feel the exact same way... but he has a girlfriend. clearly not a good one since I never heard him mention her, call her or text her. he asked what I want I said I wanted him to give us a chance considering we both feel the same way and he says he can't leave her because they've gone through too much and have too much of a past. apparently they've been together on and off for about a year.

so this is where I'm confused... do I continue what I'm doing living in the moment having so much fun with this guy who I share a strong bond and chemistry with and makes me so happy. stick it out with everything on the line and hope he sees what I have to offer and wait until he realizes I'm the better catch for him?

or do I walk away and hope that absence makes his heart grow fonder and hope he'll miss me enough to realize what he lost and finally just give me, give us a chance? I don't want to risk my heart and feelings, but I don't want to sit here and wonder what if I did this or that. what if he's the guy? what if he's staying with her just because the foundation and hard work is done. what if he's scared of letting her go, giving me a chance, somehow things don't work and he's left alone? I have no idea what his reasons are. but I honestly believe he's wasting an amazing relationship with me to stay with someone he really has a weak connection with.

i can't have him as just a friend, but I don't want to be hurt. I want him in my life, I don't want to lose everything with him. I'm so confused. I'm so torn! what do I do?
Guy says we're together but has a girlfriend?
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