Am I the one being wrong in this argument?

Sorry in advance! This may be long!

Basically I'm Asian and my culture is so traditional that I sometimes feel suffocated since I'm living in a Western country so everything I want to do with my friends clashes with my set boundaries by my parents.

I have an Asian friend and her parents a bit more relaxed than mine but we still can relate to each other. I've known her for 6 years and recently she did something that was completely out of character. She's been in a few relationships and have broken up with the guy once they say "I love you" to her. They were all serious relationships but whereas she did it for fun, the guys all were serious about it. (It may seem strange to you guys but in our culture, we usually date for the future, rather than the present).

She recently broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years once he said the L word to her. Rather than feeling upset, she says she feels liberated by it since the guy was starting to be "too clingy" and "didn't give her space" to talk to other guys.

To celebrate their break up, she binge drunk alcohol with 4 other girls 3 other guys until they were completely wasted. This all happened whilst the driver who was drunk himself, drove them to a nearby park where they all stayed over for the entire night. (She got away with it by telling her parents that she was at a sleepover). She slept with 2 guys at that night and one of the guy was the older brother of who she broke up with. She mised school the morning after since she had so much fun that she wanted to do it all again.

She wanted my opinion on it so I told her the truth - I told her that she should be careful and to look after her body. I told her that if she continues with everything, she's gonna wreck herself since the guys she was with are all druggies. Instead she says that I'm a narrow minded and a stubborn bitch who she feels like she doesn't even know anymore since apparently, I'm meant to support her in everything she does because "I'm her friend".

The reason I told her everything honestly was because she is my friend. If I didn't think of her as a friend then I wouldn't even glance her way or care about what she's doing with her life. Is she right? Am I doing wrong by not supporting her or am I right by trying to stop herself.

Maybe if it was a one time thing, I would just brush the incident off my shoulder, but it's not.

Thanks for any answers!
Am I the one being wrong in this argument?
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