What does she want?

My (ex?) bestfriend and I aren't talking to eachother. She studies in another country and so we neither can see eachother. Before her departure I would always ask her is she has time to meet or to talk but she would blow me off. She came back in the country on summer holyday but she didn't say anything. A month ago she came as well on holyday and asked me if we could meet. But we didn't.
A few weeks ago, she asked me if we could meet on Christmas. I said yeah ok, why not. But even if I agree, I already know we won't meet.
Why is she asking me if she doesn't have any intention of doing it? Also, she could talk to me on facebook, ask me what am I doing, but she doesn't. I don't ask her because I did that many times and I just don't seem the need to do it anymore. I feel like she abandoned me. I had some rough times also, and she wasn't there for me. Even if I meet with her, I don't think as if I wil see her as my bestfriend, just a friend/acquaintance.
Does she want to be my bestfriend again?
Should I give her a chance?
What does she want?
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