What type of parents did you have?

Were your parents authoritarian, authoritative, or permissive?

By my judgement, my parents were authoritative. They set guidelines, yet they were flexible about the guidelines. However, the flexibility often required discussion and thought. One strict rule that they adhered to was that no one should use hitting to correct misbehavior. Physical beatings were not tolerated whatsoever. In my family line, that was a revolutionary approach to parenting, because both my parents were spanked or were subjected to beatings as correction. Though, it was also fairly normal in the cultural background they came from. Many parents were obligated to use physical correction, and the love and loyalty were expressed by obedience. Although my parents seldom used physical corrections, my mother used verbal castigations, which would drive me to despair, as I examined all my weaknesses. But my mother would find a lot of my strengths, when she wanted to help me prepare for a job interview, or share my strengths to her friends. I eventually learned how to look at myself critically but not scornfully. Although in times of despair I prefer to go to my father for encouragement, I feel that my mother's tough parenting wins by making me an emotionally stronger person and equipping me with the social skill to handle stressful, heated situations (sort of like Hell's Kitchen, but my mother's verbal castigations are often limited to the situation and past similar activities, not the doer's person).
What type of parents did you have?
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